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Fund accepting donations to help shooting victims, families & witnesses

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Fund accepting donations to help shooting victims, families & witnesses

A fund to help victims of the Jan. 8 shooting rampage has been set up by Homicide Survivors, lnc., a local nonprofit victim services organization.

The fund will help victims, their families and witnesses who need financial support with expenses – such as medical costs, mental health expenses, loss of wages, and funeral expenses – not covered by other sources, as well as travel, food, and lodging expenses associated with attending hearings and trials.

The shooting that left 6 dead and 13 wounded.

The Tucson Tragedy Victim Fund will be earmarked specifically to help victims, witnesses, and families of the Jan. 8, mass shooting, and has been established in recognition that the shooting has had far-reaching consequences, affecting not only those who were directly victimized, but witnesses and family members who will be actively involved as cases progress through the criminal justice system.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, please send a check or money order to:

  • Tucson Tragedy Victim Fund
  • c/o Homicide Survivors, Inc.
  • 32 N. Stone Ave., Ste. 1408
  • Tucson, AZ 85701
  • 520-740-5729

Also, many of the victims may be eligible for funds from the Pima County Crime Victim Compensation Fund, which is administered by the Pima County Attorney's Office.

This fund is comprised solely of fines and fees paid by defendants in the criminal justice system, and can assist victims in paying for medical costs, counseling expenses, loss of wages, and funeral expenses. It is a fund of last resort after other sources of payment, such as insurance, have been exhausted. Any victim or witness may be eligible for crime victim compensation.

To get an application or for more information, please contact the Pima County Attorney’s Office at 740-5525 or visit

The accused shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, made an initial appearance in a Phoenix court Monday.

Loughner faces five federal charges in the killings of U.S. District Court Judge John M. Roll and Gabriel Zimmerman, a member of Giffords' staff; and attempting to kill Giffords and two other staffers: Ron Barber and Pamela Simon.

Giffords was the target of the shooting, authorities said.

Additional state charges are likely in the shootings of the other victims, authorities said.

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