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Video: Barber leads Congress in moment of silence on Jan. 8

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Video: Barber leads Congress in moment of silence on Jan. 8

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber led the House in a moment of silence in memory of those killed in the Jan. 8 shooting. Surrounded by Arizona's representatives and senators, Barber spoke of those who were killed, and House Speaker John Boehner ordered members of Congress to stand, quieting the House for about 20 seconds.

"Tucson and Southern Arizona have definitely not defined by that terrible act. Instead we are defined by how our community responded," Barber said. "Instead we are defined by how our community responded."

"The compassion, the love, the prayers and the good will that poured out has helped all of us heal our broken hearts and bring some good out of that horrific day," he said.

In a reference to the Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding, a group Barber conceived while laying in a hospital bed after being shot, the Southern Arizona Democrat said, "organizations have been established to help with the educational needs of children, to prevent bullying and to reduce the stigma of mental illness and improve those services."

"Sadly, in the last three years, other communities have been struck by similar senseless acts of violence," Barber said. "The most fitting memorial would be to take action to prevent another such tragedy. As a shooting survivor, a grandfather and a member of Congress, I am determined to do so and I know that many others in this body and in the Senate have the same aspiration."

Barber spoke of those who were killed in the attack, including his "go-to guy" Gabe Zimmerman. He also spoke about Giffords, his former boss and predecessor in office. 

"Congresswoman Giffords continues her remarkable recovery. Her perseverance and determination give hope to others and she is a true inspiration to the country and to the world," he said. "You might have noticed that earlier today, she jumped out of an airplane."

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