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J.C. Scott: The gun buyback debate

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John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: The gun buyback debate

TUSD Governing Board member Mark Stegeman discussed the decision to close 11 schools within the district, and talked about budget challenges and rising academic standards in Arizona.

Our second interview at the half hour mark was with Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill, who also talked about academic standards, the Legislature and education funding, and the challenge to keep students engaged. He also shared comments he has received from teachers around the state on the subject of guns and armed guards in schools.

Starting off our second hour was former state Sen. Frank Antenori, who is holding a counter gun buyback to Councilman Steve Kozachik's City of Tucson gun buyback Tuesday morning. He also talked about his supporter joining him at the Loft Theater on Monday night for the Town Hall forum also held by Councilman Kozachik. The discussion also included talk about thecity's effort to take back control of gun laws on municipal property.

Winding up the show at 4:35 was Richard Studwell, a developer and City Hall commentator. Topics Richard and John covered included student dorms and housing, Rio Nuevo downtown development and street car construction.

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