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Eating healthy challenging in 'food desert'

Good nutrition difficult for those on SNAP and far from store

There are 700,000 Arizonans who live in what the federal government terms a food desert, or a low-income area that lacks immediate access to healthy, affordable food. It’s especially challenging for those receiving SNAP benefits.
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Dec 16, 2011, 2:13 pm
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This piece is a great example of why writers should not be paid by the word. This was very repetitive and redundant, and the same thing could have been said in about a third of the space.

grocery shopping in her South Tucson neighborhood is a constant struggle because the closest full-service grocery store is seven blocks away from her house.

Are you kidding me? Seven blocks a “constant struggle”? I’m familiar with South Tucson. The number 8 bus goes up and down Sixth Ave, main street for South Tucson, and when I was a kid it did so every 10 or 15 minutes. And, in South Tucson, pretty much everywhere is an easy walk to Sixth Avenue.

There’s Food City right at Sixth and the Freeway. Or, once you’re actually on the bus, there’s many more choices. You’re only limited by where the bus line runs.

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