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Napolitano cuts Arpaio's access to ICE programs

In the wake of Justice Department allegations of widespread discrimination by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Homeland Security has canceled an agreement that allows MCSO to detain illegal immigrants after their initial arrest.... Read more»

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Dec 15, 2011, 1:43 pm
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Napolitano cuts Apaio’s access to ICE programs

So Sheriff Joe aRpaio has nothing to worry about then…

Dec 15, 2011, 2:01 pm
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“Discrimination undermines law enforcement and erodes the public trust. DHS will not be a party to such practices,” Napolitano said in a written statement.

Is she “convicting before a trial” here…pretty inflammatory, if you ask me, as nothing has been judicially proven. It’s one thing to be an opinionated loud-mouth on a newspaper website. It’s completely another to be a cabinet member making a written statement…no matter how unqualified and undeserving one might be for such a position.

The federal agency “will continue to enforce federal immigration laws in Maricopa County in smart, effective ways that focus our resources on criminal aliens, recent border crossers, repeat and egregious immigration law violators and employers who knowingly hire illegal labor,” she said.

Didn’t she just say a couple of months ago that locking up border jumpers wasn’t that important to her and Obama any more?

Dec 15, 2011, 5:26 pm
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There is nothing wrong with Lama Smiths E-Verify “the Legal Workforce Act.”  At the very least, it is a step in the right direction. Even if E-Verify has some flaws and some illegal aliens are able to obtain employment, it won’t last very long. Those hired illegally will be caught eventually when the irregularities are corrected with the electronic verification program. It’s better to have something as a deterrent, than to have nothing at all. E-Verify and to some extentSecure Communities’ is an official order to fingerprint of all individuals who pass through booking halls of police precincts.  This is all we have at this present time, to slow and finally end the hiring of illegal workers. E-Verify will place the burden firmly on every United States business, to check every new hire or be sanctioned, fined or even be imprisoned.
Of course the usual radical voices are raised, as critics opposing this Historical Immigration Bill, H.R. 2885 are searching for any loophole to drag it down. They are using what inflammatory rhetoric or lies they can muster against the passage of E-Verify “the Legal Workforce Act.” First they contest it that legal American workers could be turned away in being hired. So that person just addresses their grievances by going to their local Social security office; illegal aliens will stay well clear of this agency. None of the media will inform their readership of this? Learn more information at NumbersUSA. Other websites that will deliver the facts about the criminal element, with wide ranging access to the E-media is American Patrol.  We can all stand with our fellow jobless countryman by Calling House and Senate Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.
Join a local TEA PARTY is end illegal immigration, the ruthless spread of the LiberalPolitical Correctness’ agenda; restrict the giant growth of central government and return the power to sovereign states; dispatch the antiquated tax code for a flat tax, and equal for all, with no special privileges for the wealthy or giant corporations; listen to Donald Trump and tax goods from China, as they are taxing our products.

Shocking News from American Patrol. Dot.com
Madison Ruppert—The Intel Hub  

Congress could vote to change the Internet forever shortly
Tomorrow the House Judiciary Committee is going to vote on H.R.3261, the Stop Online Privacy Act, or SOPA for short. As I have previously outlined, this legislation would destroy the internet as we know it and severely impinge on free speech and the spread of information.—If this passes committee, which all indications say it likely will, it could be voted on by the whole of the House of Representatives.

Dec 15, 2011, 5:28 pm
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The flood of illegal workers almost certainly constitutes an invasion. The TEA PARTY will table any form of Amnesty or Immigration Reform and will apply the statutes in the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli with strict enforcement according to the bill. Any Sanctuary City or State ordinances designed to cater to illegal aliens, will lose federal funding and expect ICE sweeps in the future. E-Verify and “Secure Communities” will no longer be a voluntary measure, but applied as a mandate to every state. The TEA PARTY will amend the 14th Amendment, so 300.000 children of illegal aliens annually can no longer obtain a foothold in America, to ransack the people’s welfare programs and public assistance.
1.        Remember illegal aliens do vote in federal elections, and we all need to contact our politicians, to either issue an official to scrutinize voter rolls, or specifically absentee ballots.
2.        ISSUE a mandatory federal ID card, for all Americans, for voting at a minimal fee for the low income. This will end the fraudulent exposure of groups as Acorn and multiple registrations from the same people.
          3.    Make illegal entry into the United States, punishable as a felony, not a civil offense.

          4.    Build the real 2006 Double border Fence.
          5.    The TEA PARTY will not tolerate illegal immigration or any form of amnesty, including Sanctuary cities, dream acts or covert enactments by disguising Immigration Reform.
6.      The TEA PARTY will support Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and other states against any retribution by the Democratic or Republican establishment.
          7.      Stand with Arizona (the original voice of commonsense to halt illegal alien invaders; hold firm with Sheriff Joe Arpaio a strong advocate against the US government to control unfettered illegal immigration and the $113 Billion dollar cost of unfunded mandates for states.) Stan with Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, and Indiana of the bludgeoning attacks by the Department of IN-Justice to curtail their policing laws, which have been enacted to stop the hemorrhaging of state treasuries in support of 20 million illegal aliens settled countrywide.

Dec 15, 2011, 5:29 pm
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There is only one cure for the corruption in Washington and that is joining the TEA PARTY. Thousands of fraudulent programs will be exposed and billions of dollars will be saved. This confronts the rot that has entered the Democratic and the Republican parties, and the astronomical deficit that America is suffering from. Read some undisclosed evidence at Judicial Watch, a legal non-profit, and the opposite to the Communist backed ACLU; a panderer to the illegal alien invaders. In addition, NumbersUSA gives you in depth analysis of costs to taxpayers and insider news from Congress. Lastly, the controversial website of American Patrol gives you one-click Bridging editions to the nationwide media, where the truth prevails.

Newt Gingrich, Presidential candidate has been found to be weak on illegal immigration. On NumbersUSA website he has a grade of (D-). Former speaker Gingrich is not a true TEA PARTY Leader. While his counterpart Mitt Romney has already opened the Pandora’s Box on at his the National Hispanic Assembly conference, Romney said without mentioning Gingrich name, that finally, we must stop providing the incentives that encourage illegal immigration. As governor, I vetoed legislation that would have provided in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants. Romney also emphasis of by completing the construction of a high-tech fence,” Perhaps he has analyzed the weakness of the current single layer fence and not the double layer fence designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter in the President George Bush era. This was a corridor of information to inform the audience, that such things as tuition for illegal aliens, is against federal law and bypasses U.S. citizens who should always come first. This is similar situation when Mayors and other elected official say they are going to suppress assisting ICE, with the removal of every illegal alien under such laws as Secure Communities or State recognized E-Verify.

Dec 15, 2011, 10:22 pm
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God you’re annoying, Brittanicus.  No one has time to read that garbage.  A simple Google search reveals you spammed the same diatribe on at least eight other forums as well.

Dec 16, 2011, 8:38 am
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Well, he doesn’t annoy me…mostly because I don’t read what he posts. I’ll confess to occasionally being long-winded enough to make back-to-back posts necessary, but this guy ALWAYS makes three posts, and they rarely tie in to each other or the story he’s commenting on. I usually look at the posts, read the first few words, see that it is business as usual for him, and I skip the rest and move on.

Dec 16, 2011, 5:50 pm
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so Napalitano,with uncle Eric and Barry dont want arizona in any way shape or form to be able to check on anybodies legality to be in our country. What a bunch of anti american leaders we have in Washington. Another 4 years with this bunch and the states will have no control over anything. Ugh. Disgusting. obscene .............

Dec 16, 2011, 6:11 pm
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The bill is a concrete proposal and has a lot of support in the U.S. House, with 80 co-sponsors. It is one of the “five great immigration solutions” many politicians are standing for this year. THE GENUINE 2006 SECURE FENCE ACT;  double 15 foot high fence, for fast track lanes in between for the US Border Patrol to use.  However, they need a lot more momentum to win. Rep. King’s bill, H.R. 140, that would require Congress to elucidate the meaning of the 14th Amendment and thereby ending the practice of automatically granting U.S. citizenship to all U.S.-born children of illegal aliens. We don’t need a Constitutional amendment. Without an amendment the US taxpayers are the recipients of the law, which allows an estimated 340.000 babies to become instant citizens annually adding to the growing deficit, to support these children and the Mother. This is the most expensive entitlement law attributed to illegal immigration occupation.

Other than Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011, that would stop the misinterpreted practice of instant citizenship to children of illegal alien parents, the Mandatory E-Verify will end incurable business owners from hiring cheap foreign labor, instead of the 22 million American workers looking for aHelp needed” Sign. Now there’s more proof that Americans want to abolish automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. .A new Rasmussen poll shows that 65% of likely U.S. voters oppose birthright citizenship.

Demand the Keystone pipeline between Canada and the oil refineries in Texas, before China gets its hands on it. Start reducing our supplies from countries that are not specifically friendly to us.

NO COPYRIGHT! Distribute to all taxpaying Americans.

Dec 16, 2011, 6:14 pm
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draw even more illegal aliens if we dont enforce our laws; finding a way to get to public welfare and entitlement America? As I have already mentioned, unless I was absent from the TV set at the time, that Michele Bachmann was left out of this part of the commentary. As the Major TEA PARTY leader her resume has proven her worth to stifle spending in Massachusetts, as well been an arbiter of reducing the $15 Trillion treasury deficit and has a commanding vote in opposition to superfluous issues in the House of Representatives. She is a strong opponent of the archaic tax code, which must be replaced with fair taxation for all; without any exemptions, subsidies for the wealth corporations and industries of special interests lobbyists.

Rep. Dan Boren (D-Ok) is the third Democrat cosponsoring Chairman Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885.) Originally Smith required 100 co-sponsors to pass the bill. The numbers have currently grown, 72, so as a result all we need to get this extremely important bill to the House chambers is just 28.  The bill would require 100% of businesses to begin using E-Verify for all new hires within 2 years and require all federal, state, and local governments to check new hires and existing employees within 6 months. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has launched Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE), a new aspect which allows USCISs E-Verify plan to approve the validness of Mississippi drivers licenses used by employees as Form I-9 identity documents. RIDE mirrors a obligation to continually improving E-Verify, said USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas. This important enhancement strengthens E-Veritys anti-fraud capabilities and will introduce a key role in helping employers in the United States to maintain a legal workforce.

Make yourself known by contacting Washington at 202-224-3121, or you can read about this indignation at NumbersUSA website of the $113 billion dollars spend yearly on illegal immigration

Dec 16, 2011, 6:17 pm
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Newt Gingrich had his say relating to the 20 million illegal migrant and immigrant population already residing here and that it was unreasonable to deport foreign nationals who have lived in America for 25 years. Gingrich also added that the administration should get off the back of States that are being persecuted for their stand against illegal immigration; included he said that the fence would be completed between US-Mexico by 2014 (Is that the real 2006 Secure Double layer border fence) and that Sanctuary Cities (State such as California, Nevada, Colorado and New York) would be punished with loss of federal funds.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has been Gingrichs main political principal rival partner in recent debates, defended the U.S. Immigration and citizenship Services E-Verify program proposing identification cards for all “non-resident aliens” working here. Texas Gov. Then Rick Perry who was attacked by verbal flak last September for defending in-state university tuition to illegal immigrants, who were either smuggled into the US, as the unborn or who were brought into the country as children and attend public schools in Texas. Romney concluded on this heated subject, “I’ve sent Texas Ranger recon teams there. Our law enforcement men and women face fire from across the border, or in the U.S. side, from the drug cartels,” Perry said. “It is not safe there.

Both Gingrich, Romney has forgotten one important factor; that these words are the initiative that will

Dec 16, 2011, 6:19 pm
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The Department of Justice, Eric Holder has showed his noticeable mark by mirroring the NAACP that having to show official picture ID is racist. Holder has shown his true colors as a far left progressive, by propelling his judgment against the right of sovereign states to identify registered voters with government documents like an ID card, and his now relentless pursuit against Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and in probability North Carolina for adopting policing laws within their borders against illegal aliens.  I THINK MOST PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WAOULD LIKE TO SEE ERIC HOLDER IMPEACHED, for his unnecessary impact of suing states, trying to stop illegal aliens squatting there and the Gun Walking storm.  If holder joins the jobless lines, maybe he would have a better understanding of Americans looking for work, while company owners are still employing foreigners who should not even be here? Soonthese unconcerned businesses will be in the spotlight, when ICE raids uncover the scheming in unlawful employment and have to face harsh sanctions if caught. Not excluded is the irrational witch Hunt against steely Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, that the Obama administration has using intimidation along with radical open border organizations.

In the Iowa nationally televised debate yesterday evening I did not see Rep. Michele Bachmann brought into the discussion on illegal immigration? Was it by chance I missed it, while digging in the refrigerator for Soy milk or was the TEA PARTY chairperson deliberately left out of this most controversial issue, that is vastly becoming manifest amongst the tens of millions of physical Conservatives?

Dec 16, 2011, 6:20 pm
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Controversial subject of illegal immigration and the Iowa Debate

Birthright citizens, and naturalized citizens have the ability to vote to change America forever, but we must scrutinize voting registrations for the 2012 election cycle for a President. Over and over again Democrats with Liberal ties have been caught numerous times, using such radical groups such as Acorn to steal political races with illegal alien registrations. Voter fraud is here to stay, unless the federal government makes it impossible to defraud citizen voters of their inherent rights, by demanding the use of a National ID card that could be used for many other purposes. The old Social Security number has been badly compromised, as we have seen with a yearly tally of hundreds of thousands of Americans fighting to save their credit, as its been procured by foreign nationals to steal jobs, as well as peoples good credit, then using it for nefarious purposes.

Sorry, we missed your input...

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