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Poll: Arizonans value education, critical of system

Many in state say schools don't prepare kids for college, workforce

Arizonans believe education is a critical, but that public schools are failing to prepare students for college or the workplace, according to a statewide poll.
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Dec 18, 2011, 3:43 pm
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Last Monday, Rotary members received the report from your study that 66% of the people in Arizona believe that students’ academic performance in the public schools are not high enough.  We were also advised that this is true for lower income vs high income, for all the races, and for parents vs adults with no school aged children.  There seems to be a disconnect with the situations seen in schools.  Most teachers (I only deal with those who are good teachers) report that a major problem in “under performing schools” is that parents do not support them, do not encourage their children to succeed in school and do not attend parent/teacher consultation events.  I was further advised by the speaker that single parents and low income parents are too busy making a living to give support to their children in school.  Again, this response suggests a huge disconnect between your study result and reality.  By the way, the same lack of support by parents in San Diego School District has been identified and efforts to address parental support of education are underway and there are indications the effort is paying off by improved performance of those students.

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