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Giffords serves Thanksgiving meal to D-M airmen

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords helped serve Thanksgiving dinner to airmen and military veterans at Tucson's Davis-Monthan AFB on Thursday—her first constituent event since being shot on Jan. 8. (Updated with video)
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Nov 24, 2011, 7:34 pm
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Amazing recovery. I doubted she would ever be able to function again. Glad I am wrong. Go, Gabi!

Nov 24, 2011, 10:00 pm
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Nov 24, 2011, 10:24 pm
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While I am beyond sick to death of the constant Giffords coverage, I have to admit this story is not nearly as irritating as most of the others are. I was a bit disgusted to see Kelly right there, wearing a U of A hat (as if a Texan cares about the Wildcats or something), but that aside this story actually seemed as if it wasn’t a total waste of bandwidth.

I will say that I am changing my mind about Giffords in a couple of respects…

-I still hold the position that she should have long ago stepped aside and let someone represent CD8 in Congress.

-I still hold the position that six people were killed on January 8, and twelve others were injured that day, and that their loss and suffering-and that of their families-is no less than Giffords. Each and every one of these pieces about Giffords trivializes the other 18 victims and their families, and that is not only wrong, it is sickening.

-I still hold the position that Loughner needs to stand trial, be convicted, and be held accountable for his actions (i.e. executed).

-I still believe, passionately, that the very first people Giffords should have addressed were her constituents. Yeah, she got around to us eventually, but not before watching shuttle launches, attending retirement ceremonies, appearing on the cover of People, talking to Diane Sawyer or whoever it was, reading a chapter of her book…no matter how you spin that, that was totally uncool.


Nov 24, 2011, 10:25 pm
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Where I am changing my mind is where I’m placing the blame for a lot of what has happened since January 8. I previously blamed Giffords for doing the wrong thing and not allowing my district to be represented. But, after I heard that heavily-edited audio address to her constituents…I guess that’s where it really hit home just how bad of shape she’s in. She shouldn’t be making any decisions about anything. She’s in a really bad way, and needs to focus solely on her recovery. Let’s face facts here people…even though it was through no fault of her own, Giffords is never again going to be in a condition to hold public office. You may not like reading that, you may not accept it, but it’s fact. That’s when it hit me…

Even though she’s a really crappy congresswoman, she didn’t deserve what happened to her. She is a victim, just as the 18 others. I see what happened to her and the 18 others as a tragedy. Unfortunately for us all, where I see a tragedy, too many others saw opportunity…especially her husband.

I am now thinking that Gabby is now a puppet, and a lot of people are pulling the strings…no more so than Mark Kelly. There’s a lot of money to be made from this, and there’s a congressional seat to be hoarded by her political party. Who cares if it’s vacant…God forbid is slip into the hands of the evil other party or even worse (gulp) an independent!

Remember the “Patterns of Force” episode of Star Trek? That was the “Nazi planet” one. Remember how there was a leader, but the number two guy had him drugged up and half-dead, but used him as the face of the movement and would parade him on TV whenever he needed to rally the people behind something? Now, whenever I see Giffords I’m reminded of that Star Trek episode. The constantly-mentioned “Staff” of Giffords don’t want to lose their jobs, and Kelly sure doesn’t want to kill this golden goose that’s laying him all these golden eggs, so with all of this…why would anyone with the power do the right thing?

I’m still angry at much of what has gone on since January 8, especially in the media. But, now, I am placing some of the blame for it all in different places.

— 30 —


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