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Some Arivaca residents want Border Patrol checkpoint gone

Some Arivaca residents are gathering evidence that the checkpoint, which opened seven years ago in southern Arizona, isn't deterring or apprehending illegal immigrants or curtailing the flow of drugs.
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Nov 23, 2014, 7:15 am
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OMG they asked someone if they were a US Citizen? How horrid and traumatic. Oh you poor abused people. Right, just open the border with no checkpoints. Brilliant. Man, we need the Aclu and PHP, cuz that mean man asked me about the mud on my tires and where I am coming from. Whahhh, my civil rights have been violated.

Nov 24, 2014, 9:47 pm
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How right you are!  The Border Patrol’s hands are being tied and the gov’t. is even disarming them I have read (taking away their rifles, etc.!) while they risk their lives for us everyday! They want this checkpoint disbanded because the BP are not catching enough illegals - WELL, DUMMIES, SUPPORT THE BP! DON’T ABANDON THEM AND OUR NATION! We should really have our troops on our borders as TERRORISTS H AVE BEEN CAUGHT COMING THROUGH AND A BP SUPERVISOR TOLD ME 7 YRS. AGO THAT AT THAT TIME, THE BP ESTIMATED OVER 19,000 MUSLIMS FROM THE 11 ARAB TERRORIST SUPPORTING COUNTRIES HAD ALREADY SNUCK IN VIA MEXICO! (And they’re not coming here for jobs at Circle K!!!) Also, over 1/3 of everyone in our prisons for serious felonies nationwide are all ILLEGAL ALIENS (and let’s stop calling them by the respected word “immigrant” which they are NOT. According to Immigration Law, anyone who sneaks in or enters by breaking our laws is an “ILLEGAL ALIEN” correct immigration term!). Let’s stop them from manipulating our words to manipulate Americans’ minds!  These are foreign lawbreakers many of whom were serious crimnals before ever coming here and we need as many checkpoints as we can get and the BP need to be able to do their job!

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