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Why is Arizona still counting votes?

It’s been two weeks since Election Day, but it’s not all over in Arizona. Thousands of early and provisional ballots remain uncounted. These votes aren’t actually expected to impact any more races – just one state legislative race is too close to call – but the prolonged vote count has drawn national attention.
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Nov 20, 2012, 3:06 pm
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It is my opinion, as a poll worker in the general election 2012, that we need to hold those in charge responsible for counting all the provisional ballots (good, bad, or questionable).  I base this on the fact that in the small precinct I worked approximately 25% of the ballots collected were provisional. I also contend that the main reasons for provisional ballots were not for lack of identification. Although I worked the scanner I was within earshot of the general and provisional tables and heard the counts at various parts of the day. I became more and more concerned throughout the day as I saw the provisional box grow.
We are taught that voting is our voice; should we not then regard it as such.  It is imperative to complete counting all ballots. No more delay. I will volunteer to assist in the count.

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