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City Council sets new priorities for TPD enforcement of SB 1070

The City Council unanimously approved limits on the ability of Tucson police to question the immigration status of those they encounter, while also creating new reporting requirements for the department during a special study session on Wednesday.
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Nov 13, 2013, 3:17 pm
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Here’s a classic example of some people who have too much time on their hands, and others desperately trying to get their names in the papers.

Time for the open borders crowd to stop beating this dead horse. You don’t want to see your buddies deported any more? Fine. Tell them to come here legally next time. Problem solved…almost like magic!

Nov 18, 2013, 11:31 am
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“Officers are restricted from inquiring about immigration status from witnesses of a crime…” - and this has nothing to do with all the traffic related recent incidents that has sent several people into BP custody.  Police need to continue to make traffic stops on people violating traffic crimes and if they can’t produce a valid DL and are illegal, be turned over.  I’ve had enough of the cries of “breaking up families over a minor traffic offence.”  So, whatever actions the city council decided on isn’t going to make any difference for what TPD does.  Now it looks like TPD will keep a record of their encounters though.  That isn’t a bad thing either.

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