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Medical marijuana on track to pass; provisional ballots key

Proposition 203, which would legalize the medical use of marijuana in Arizona, was on track to pass Friday after provisional ballots counted by Maricopa County pushed the “yes” vote into a commanding lead.
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Nov 12, 2010, 11:04 pm
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I have had two back surgeries six months apart this year. The pain was very hard to control if in fact it was able to control at times to live a normal day to day life. So the Dr. gave me pain pills, which overtime your body needs higher mg.‘s as some of you might know. Three years later I am 6 weeks out of my last surgery and 3 weeks into a true living hell called detoxing. Same detox as a heroin junckie. An opiate is an opiate a junckie is a junckie. I have a back that I am going to need future sureries on and I never thought I would spend my 30’s as a junckie or withdrawling/ detoxing/ (wich in my opinion is the worst pain) lookup “Dopesick” and what happen and remember this is same for Heroin & Opiate users. I could not put into words how to describe the pain and the ammount of time until it ends. The mental issues are the longest and one of the worst ones. Most people cannot do it so when their Dr. says “NO"to the next refill. What does a junckie do, “get medicine” and fast. Pills are very expencive on the streets, heroin is much cheaper. The fear of getting sick is REAL. SO PLEASE NEXT TIME MY BACK GOES AND I NEED SURGERY PLEASE PLEASE LET ME GET A Rx FROM A DR. THAT WILL NOT TURN ME INTO A JUNCKIE AGAIN, BECAUSE HONESTLY I DON’T THINK I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO WITHDRALW AND DO THIS AGAIN. MARIJUANA DOES TAKE PAIN AWAY, NON ADDICTIVE, AND DOES A LOT LESS HARM THEN ALCOHOL. I do not think I am the only person in this situation and we could save money on all these high priced detox centers which allows needed medical attention to get off opiates. I will end that the opiate ride almost every time will end in a crash of sorts (death, jail, permanant damage throught the body…) Please understand this is serious and will help save lives and heartbroken families.
Thank You, Lani

Nov 15, 2010, 8:29 am
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I am thinking, “Wow! Two and a half ounces every two weeks. That’s a lot of pot smoking.” I have known some potheads in my time, and I am trying to remember anybody I knew who could go through that much pot in two weeks, and honestly I cannot. I mean, even unemployed stoners, professional pot smokers! But maybe if you make tea with it or cook with it, maybe then you could. Or if you share…..

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