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Education sales tax measure doesn't get passing grade

Voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot proposition to establish a permanent 1 cent-per-dollar sales tax earmarked for schools, transportation projects and human services. Unofficial returns showed Proposition 204 trailing by a wide margin.
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Nov 7, 2012, 2:53 pm
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For me, this is the most pleasant surprise of the entire election. I thought if the voters were dumb enough to be duped into passing Prop 100 back in ‘10, then they would surely be dumb enough to fall for the same “it’s for the children” line again. Though I voted against it and I really wanted this prop to fail, I was fully expecting it to pass. The fact that it is going down to a convincing defeat is figuratively one rare ray of sunshine in an otherwise very, very, very cloudy day.

Voters, you got this one right.

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