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Congress to subpoena DHS over immigrants’ records

Texas lawmaker says information is being hidden

A House subcommittee Wednesday authorized the issuance of a subpoena to the Department of Homeland Security for data about undocumented immigrants with criminal records who have been released after their arrests.
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Nov 3, 2011, 5:10 am
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ya know, our leaders (lets take Eric the Red, Big Sis, and Barry) will never have to live where illegal border crossers trash the desert, commit crimes, take up hospital beds, or take jobs.  Illegals dont affect their lives.  They affect the lives of the hard working citizens trying to claw their way through 21st century usa.. So it stands to reason that people who arent affected by an event (300,000 people arrested and released) just dont care.

Nov 3, 2011, 8:44 am
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“Why does DHS want to hide this information?” Smith asked Wednesday. “Will (it) show that illegal immigrants intentionally released by ICE have committed crimes that could have been prevented?”

The subcommittee vote authorizing the subpoena split on party lines, with seven Republicans voting for it and four Democrats voting against it.

The Democrats argued that a subpoena aimed at Homeland Security was aimed at the wrong target. Democrats argued that the FBI holds the arrest information and until it lets Homeland Security release this “sensitive” information there is nothing DHS could do.

“It is FBI that is refusing to cooperate,” said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.

Democrats said the committee should instead consider negotiating with the department to get the information.

Leave it to Lamar Smith to get it wrong, yet again.

Nov 3, 2011, 8:46 am
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Dylan- What are those symbols? They look like embedded bed bugs.

Nov 3, 2011, 1:02 pm
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It doesn’t seem to sink in to the majority of American minds, that illegal immigration is vastly encouraged by criminal business owners. A fence can only do so much, in holding illegal people desperate for a job; although this isn’t the majority of cases, because millions enter America to take advantage of US taxpayers and the welfare entitlement system. It seems quite acceptable that employers also bring in legal immigrant workers on H-1b visa’s, offering lower wages and fewer benefits that American job seekers expect. This is the avenue that companies are importing around a million immigrants a year legally. Taxpayers are forced by certain unfunded mandatory laws, to pay for the children’s schooling of illegal alien parents to k-12, free open house in the emergency rooms of hospitals for treatment. The illegal immigration invasion is getting worse and the cost rising from the $113 Billion dollar mark, as more cross the limited fencing at the border and the lies told to federal inspectors at airport entry. Incidentally there is no tracking mechanism once inside America, unlike Mexico or many other countries.

Giving out $113 billion dollars annually is sheer madness and thanks to thousands of companies who invite this violation of our immigration laws, they are truly to blame for this growing population of non-status people and families. If I was a state prosecutor every business—large or small—that defies immigration laws, would initially be fined for each illegal hired, $25.000 dollars. The next offense $50.000, followed very closely be business asset confiscation and having more than one worker, two years in jail. But unlike most countries, where it is a felony for illegal entry, in our nation, you get deported; under President Obama’s watch today, you can walk away free. Women concealing their pregnancy are entering America by the thousands yearly, through our unsecured border and also arriving at international air terminals; bringing in their hidden fetus with no intention of returning and therefore adding to the massive expensive health care package thrown at taxpayers.

Illegal Immigration has got so bad in states like California, Nevada, they have been designated as notorious—Sanctuary States. These states are overwhelmed by millions, but the Liberals ignore it, allowing them to access welfare. But by no means are they the only cities and other jurisdictions? Obama’s government must enforce our 1986 Control & Reform act, as this nation can no longer import the abject poverty or other countries. The Hermitage Foundation has the real statistics, which visa over-stays has raised to 49 percent.

Nov 3, 2011, 1:03 pm
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My blogs are now being banned unfortunately in the Liberal press, because the truth hurts and they prefer to offer e-newspaper readers propaganda or skirt around the issue. Many of the facts the public need to know, is to be found on the NUMBERSUSA website. Just type it into your browser search engine and learn about their commitment to American sovereignty. NumbersUSA and the TEA PARTY insistent on telling readers to contact the House Representative at the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and bother them to sponsor the Legal Workforce Act, specifically the Ways and Means Committee, controlled by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) to get his equal House Representatives and reluctant lawmakers and sponsor Bill H.R. 2885. This will end the national monopoly of illegal cheap labor and illegal aliens voting in 2012.

We shouldnt forget that that although most US citizens as voters attention is on the 2012 election, that this year a number of states are holding gubernatorial and state legislative elections. That many of the results in these individual states will determine if immigration policing and state enforcement is enacted in 2011. States directly affected are Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia elect governors in 2011. In addition, 578 state legislative seats are available, with the majority of these in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia where the fate of politicians are in the hands of voters.

In voting precincts we must be truly on our guard and I hope that TEA PARTY members oversee the voting in all of these states? Its very sad situation, when we cannot trust the election system anymore, because of the actions of organizations as ACORN. Should your state be holding an election this year, please study each candidate and then vote. Go to NumbersUSA for more details on what you can do to combat this illegal alien infection, and help stop it for good. ONLY CITIZENS HAVE THE VOTE, SO WATCH FOR VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW. IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR JOB AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS.

Dont STOP pushing for E-Verify to others, or it will never hinder Liberal propaganderists or others in both parties from derailing The Legal Workforce Act.

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