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Az's minimum-wage earners getting raise

The Industrial Commission of Arizona recently announced a 15-cent-per-hour increase in the state’s minimum wage, to $7.80. Minimum-wage workers in Arizona will get a modest raise Jan. 1, under a law voters approved in 2006.

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Nov 14, 2012, 1:33 am
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Sorry, but I think its funny that this made news, and even more comical that it’s seen as a big deal. Let’s cut the crap and get real here, nothing short of setting the minimum wage at 10.00 will really help workers and their families. I know the news and employers like to pain the false image that people can survive off 7-8 an hour, but in the REAL world you would need a 2nd job just to make ends meet. And the argument that companies couldn’t afford it is beyond BS, because we all know darn well that its not a matter of if they can afford it, but how much it would take out of the pockets of the rich owners.

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