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Donations pour in to SB 1070 defense fund

Keep AZ Safe receives money from across country, globe

When Gov. Jan Brewer asked private donors last year to help pay legal fees to defend the state and its controversial SB 1070 immigration law against lawsuits, thousands of Arizonans responded. And so did thousands of people from other states. And other territories and other countries.
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Oct 31, 2011, 7:51 am
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There is no “anti-immigrant” sentiment here. There are no “anti-immigrant” laws…

There is plenty of anti-illegal-immigrant sentiment, which I share and have had for some time.

A friend of mine put it best…knock on the front door of my home, I’m probably going to let you in. Sneak in the doggy door, and you’re gonna get shot. That’s exactly how I feel about immigration. I have zero problems with people immigrating to our country…I just want them to show us the respect of doing it by the rules, and show us the respect of understanding we don’t owe them anything, and they have to earn their way in.

What in the world is so wrong with that?!?!?

Nov 1, 2011, 8:15 am
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Terry Goddard shows his true colors by not wanting to defend his states law. Out of the closet bleeding heart liberal,open border,unamerican, unarizonan.  As long as the illegalborder invasion doesnt affect people personally, they dont care and really enjoy their strange attitude to let millions of law breaking, job taking, tax payer medicaide using masses of humanity to swarm into our country. Im sure Terry will be up for a demoadmin post somewhere in the future, or run for office.  I for one will remember your position on this law, Terrance. Maybe the only reason contributions to Brewers fund are not so great from Az. is that most people who are realists and support this law, are too poor to afford much. Props to you Jan for at least trying to stand up to Holder Obama and Napalitano. These flagrant violators of their oath to office, will not secure the border, will not enforce existing laws, and sue individual states who try to do the job the Feds wont do. Somethin aint right…..  Maybe the only reality these idiots would understand, is if they went to the emergency room, and were denied immediate care because all the beds are full of illegal border invaders getting costly free treatment costing taxpayers tons of money and actually threatening the solvency of many hospitals.  Az. continues to kick people off of ACCESS while treatment for illegal border jumpers continues. Close the border. Problems solved. Cut a snakes head off, not its tail.

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