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Council: No change to park regs, arrests of Occupy Tucson protesters

300 cited thus far for staying in park past closing time

There will likely be more arrests of protesters at Occupy Tucson, as the City Council said police must continue to enforce closing times in parks. In nearly two weeks of demonstrations, over 300 Occupy protesters have been cited for remaining in downtown parks past the 10:30 p.m. closing. (with video)
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Oct 25, 2011, 9:11 pm
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Wow…Dick Miranda is one of the most boring, uncharismatic speakers I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to. When does he stop???

Oct 25, 2011, 9:29 pm
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So, as painful as it was, I watched the whole video.

First off, no disrespect Dylan, I know you were doing the best you could with what you had available to you, but the audio of the City Council meeting part just sucked. Next time can you try to play the media-outlet card and have them let you plug in to their microphone system?

Props to Villasenor…that guy has dropped a lot of weight. He has a ways to go, but he’s doing good so far.

Those things said, much of what the mayor and council said went right in one ear and out the other. In all honesty, after so many years of lying to us, the corruption, the incompetence, and the apathy toward what’s best for this community, and all those things coupled with the fact that an electorate that wasn’t sleeping or brain dead wouldn’t have elected any of those idiots to anything…well, it’s almost impossible to take them seriously. I don’t respect any of them. How could I? How could anyone who has been paying attention the last decade?

As to the two morons at the end…Dylan, props for you trying to get some sort of articulate answer out of those clowns, but that was an even bigger challenge as trying to get good audio in the City Council chamber with the acoustics in that room.

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