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State parties praise federal hotline on voter fraud, suppression

On election day, voters in Arizona and other states will be able to call hotlines at U.S. attorney’s offices to report allegations of fraud and voting rights abuses. Both major political parties in Arizona welcomed this week’s announcement from John S. Leonardo, U.S. attorney for Arizona, though for different reasons.
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Oct 20, 2012, 9:14 am
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The issue is to support the voters.  No send out mailers with the incorrect voting day.  Is is not fraud.  Republicans are wolves in sheep clothing.  They are for suppression of the voters rights. 
Do you really want Romney/Ryan as our leaders,  Leaders who are suppressing the votes in many states.  Such as putting up 140 bill boards telling voters they may go to jail or be convicted as a felon if they vote.  Or as in OHIO, the SEC. of State in OH.  cutting back voting hours to only 4 hrs a day.  Or now they are calling people, telling them they can vote by phone and taking making them believe they are voting by phone.  This is what the Tea Party, Conservatives, TruthinVoting is doing to try to get the Republicans in the WH.  This is truly voters fraud by the Republicans. This is the new American Taliban.  Taking away the rights to vote.  Voting is how we stay a Democracy, if voting is taken away.  Our next President may be Dictator Romney.  IS this what you want?  Vote smart and elect Obama and Democrats,  Being an Independent, I cannot vote for a FRAUD for President, such as Romney is.  Being dishonest to the people is fraud.  That is the kind of election Romney is running.

Oct 20, 2012, 9:17 am
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The Tea Party is for voter suppression, they are doing that in several key states, OH, PA, Fl.  Trying to intimate the voters.  In Ohio, they are calling people telling them they can vote by phone and taking their vote information.  Is this not Fraud.  Who wants a President is elected by Fraud.  That is Romney/Ryan only chance to win.  Using voter suppression.

Oct 22, 2012, 11:40 am
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Taking steps to ensure that only people who should be voting are voting, is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT “voter suppression”.

The right to vote is one of the most important principles and rights we enjoy in this country. It’s one of the premises this country was founded upon. Recent local election results have shown us that it is very possible that the integrity of our election system, specifically who is participating it is, has been compromised. It is negligent and irresponsible of us to not to everything we can to secure the voter registration rolls, and ensure that every vote is legally cast.

And, I say this repeatedly and passionately…anyone with a legal right to vote should have no problem producing evidence to prove it. I certainly don’t. In fact, I am happy to.

Oct 22, 2012, 12:16 pm
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Bret, suddenly that is what Republicans are using in the courts, saying there is voter fraud,  This is just not the case.  And if it was, the percentage is so low it would not affect the votes of the people.  Suppressing votes of hundreds of thousand against a target of voters is suppression to me.  And not allowing,( like in FL) to be able to register people to vote, or 5 years in prison.  REALLY? 
Our rights are rapidly being taken away by Republicans to ensure they win and control this nation, states and the people.  We are losing our Democracy by the Republicans.  I am sure if voter fraud was really bad and so high, the Democrats would be complaining too.  but why is it just Republicans complaining. 

Republicans are targeting certain people, seniors blacks and hispanics.  That is the true facts.

Oct 22, 2012, 1:17 pm
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Getting racist with is Samm? Are you saying that blacks and Hispanics are too stupid to provide identification at the polls or something?

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