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Tucson leaders hope streetcar gets downtown on track

Tucson's $180 million modern streetcar project has city officials and downtown businesses hoping more people, and their wallets, will be brought downtown by easier transportation.
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Oct 13, 2010, 10:15 am
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I am curious to know more about “Anthony Rufolo, an urban planning expert in Portland, Ore”. In all of the literature that I have read on the subject, I have never heard anyone decry the Portland streetcar system as a failure. Along the same lines, I would be curious to know if/when economic incentives were provided for Transit-oriented Development in Portland; was that before or after the current recession? With all of the press and attention that Portland and it’s Pearl District has gotten and the success of other light rail and streetcar projects, I am surprised to hear this dissenting opinion. Surprised and I would have to say, a little suspicious….

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