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Judge denies Brewer's motions in SB1070 case

A federal judge has denied motions by Gov. Jan Brewer and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to dismiss a lawsuit against Arizona's SB 1070, dealing with illegal immigration.
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Oct 13, 2010, 11:04 am
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If the US Government doesn’t conform to the wellbeing of the people and—once and for all—seal the border, with the two matching fences as enacted by the 2006 Secure Fence Act the failure to stop the onrush will never end. Reckless politicians must end cutting corners and finish the job across the border region with the double fencing. Arizona would never enacted the policing law SB1170, if the feds had not failed to do their job. A state is being sued, because they want to protect—REAL—citizens/residents, and stop the uncountable proportion of illegal aliens to get jobs, steal ID to use for other nefarious purposes. This not just about Washington politicians, but all those elected officials who think another Amnesty is great for America? At this point in time it’s not good for American jobs or raising low income wages or the US taxpayer or an out-of-control overpopulation. TEA PARTY candidates will measure up to America’s interests or they too will not last long in the Capitol. THE PEOPLE—-are ready to take America back from the special interests and the open border zealots, the corruption and other poison that has permeated every level of government.

Whoever the new candidate for Washington, Sacramento, New York or other states will be carefully manicured for every Citizen and residents new political horizon. Harry Reid’s state of Nevada has high unemployment and a huge populace of illegal aliens that this legislator has allowed to escalate.

Oct 13, 2010, 11:06 am
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Nearly every state has Sanctuary Cities which are like refuges for illegal nationals and politicians such as Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold and followers Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano have voted to fund these communities. Investigate for your own piece of mind by using keywords in Google’s Search Engine. Just remember to type this word—illegal alien and costs. If the repugnant amounts of cash appropriated by our lying governments don’t affect your vote—nothing will? The Democrats ads keep slamming their adversaries about taxes, jobs and other chronic issues. Eight Million jobs are already available, but in the hands of foreign nationals instead of citizens and legal residents. Coming fast to Obama’s plans is a overhaul of our deteriorating infrastructure, so this would be a time to demand a permanent E-Verify program; not voluntarily.  This new innovation can distinguish fraudulent documents of illegal labor and return jobs to American construction industry workers.

We must also be quick to respond that illegal aliens will vote in November that could impinge on all close races. Google—all these immigration subjects under the umbrella of Democrats and the GOP and understand you have the power.  Taxes will be inevitably be extorted out of your pocket to pay for welfare programs. Google a US Senator, your state Senator or Congressman and view their stance and voting records relating to illegal immigration. THIS NOVEMBER WE CAN RID WASHINGTON OF ALL INCUMBENT, CAREER POLITICIANS, PRO-AMNESTY ENCUMBRANCES When you vote then think about the money being taken from your wallet, to pay for all the entitlements illegal aliens. Direct implications of this will invoke millions more destitute people, trying to reach America before the official signing.

Oct 13, 2010, 11:07 am
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NOVEMBER 2ND! A black day for Incumbents. Tread down the Liberal Extremist agenda?


THE—dominant issue you need to think about before you go to the polls is illegal immigration. Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown in California and the majority of Lib-Democrats are all ready to pass some form of Amnesty. Illegal Immigration means simply billions and billions of dollars, taken by the IRS to support foreigners. The business who hire them pay zero towards their health care, education for their children and cramming the prison system.  Amnesty or a path to citizenship is indeed a very costly proposition and our elected officials don’t seem to care. In the Liberal-Democratic ego it just means more votes, never mind that the Heritage Foundation estimates the costs at $2.6 Trillion dollars. THAT’S OVER TWO AND HALF TRILLION ADDED TO THE THIRTEEN TRILLION WE ALREADY TRYING TO DEAL WITH? Organizations such as Judicial Watch, FAIR and NumbersUSA are disturbed that this will be the first issue before the new session of the Senate, enactment of some form of Amnesty.

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