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Az tribal leaders lobby in Washington on budget cuts

$841 billion could be slashed from funding

With Congress required to come up with more than $1 trillion in multi-year budget cuts this fall, tribal leaders converged in Washington this week to make sure their concerns are included in the discussion.
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Oct 12, 2011, 7:27 am
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OK, here’s a crazy idea that just might work…let’s respect at least parts of some treaties we’ve signed with the Native American peoples in the past.

What I feel-strongly-should be done is this…make the tribes sovereign, and then take that sovereignty seriously. Tell them that they must follow the Constitution and Federal Laws, make them exempt from taxes, and then tell them that apart from those things they’re free to run their tribes as they see fit. This will give them the power to open casinos as big as they want, not have to share that cut with anyone, have them open shops like smoke shops where folks can get tax-free cigarettes and such…these things would allow the tribes to be more than self-sufficient, and then our government wouldn’t have to give the tribes a dime.

I really believe my idea is the best way to go. It’s much better than doing what we’re doing now…which is essentially paying for the “right” to but in to their affairs and break more treaties by telling them what they can and can’t do on their own land.

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