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Operation Streamline protesters found guilty

Six activists who blocked the federal courthouse in Tucson during an October 2013 protest against the fast-track immigration court held there were found guilty by a federal judge on Friday.
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Oct 3, 2014, 2:38 pm
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“Our clients were exercising their constitutional rights when they acted to stop our government’s shameful criminalization of mothers and fathers in the program known as Streamline,” Cowan said.

Their constitutional rights to chain themselves to buses?

Oct 3, 2014, 3:25 pm
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I DISAGREE with Margo Cowan, and the “Open Border” crowd politically, but Operation Streamline, which provides for en masse hearings,  is an outrage to ordered liberty and threat to the due process rights of all Americans.

Within 3 weeks I will be resuming the Tucson Weekly Public Forum, down in front of the Federal Courthouse, bringing to public view the odious, and illegal, practice of court directed “judge shopping” and other practices where judges put their thumbs on the scales of justice to “fix” the outcome of politically sensitive cases and to deny due process..

I WILL lawfully employ an industrial strength, military grade sound enhancing device to project my voice, so courthouse occupants WILL hear me, whether they like it or not. 

The public is welcome to attend.

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