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Buckmaster: Tucson is business-friendly, Walkup says

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup joins today's discussion.

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Sep 29, 2011, 11:15 am
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I was going to suggest that this page be modified so we can skip forward and go back in the sound file, but after hearing this once I’m not worried about it because I can safely say I’ll never listen to this idiot again.

He had on, one show, two of the people in city government who are most inept, most incompetent, and both have a large role in holding our community from reaching it’s potential. Yet, all he asks is softball questions to which I could easily predict the answers before they were uttered. It is disgusting. Is Buckmaster on the mayor’s payroll or something? Streetcar is good, Rio Nuevo is good, call-center jobs lead to….what is it? Good careers in sales and marketing? Censoring Call to the Audience and attempting to redefine the work “civility” is good? Give me a break!

Then he intentionally takes a call from “Dan”, who is so inarticulate and incapable of putting an intelligent sentence together that he makes Braindead Bob look good by comparison…and that’s not easy to do.

Braindead Bob, the First Amendment says we’re supposed to treat each other with respect? Huh? If you know how to read (which I doubt) you might want to reread that.

Braindead Bob says he never seen Dick Miranda be abusive to anyone? Bob must have been in a coma during the Fourth Avenue riots. Then he proceeds to cheer lead for the hotel…then, as a closer, he says Tucson is a city that “gets it”. Tucson, why in the world did you elect this idiot once, let alone three times?!?!?!?!?

TS, dump this nonsense and use the bandwidth for something more useful, productive, and interesting…like more ad space.

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