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Predictable primary: Few shakeups in party races

Most Southern Arizona races shaped up as expected in Tuesday's primary election. Ron Barber will face Martha McSally in the general election, and Raul Grijavla will defend his seat against Gabby Mercer—who said reports of her remarks about Middle Easterners are "race baiting."... Read more»

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Aug 29, 2012, 8:50 am
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Grijalva’s smear is not out-of-character for a scumbag like him, but it does show that he feels threatened, and is rather desperate. But, hey, creatively editing videos and playing clips out of context got Giffords elected in ‘10, and Colonel Sanders elected this summer, so why not try it. I mean, if voters are going to be stupid enough to allow such disgusting tactics to be successful, then why not?

Here’s hoping the voters in that district will be smarter and do their own thinking this time around…

Aug 29, 2012, 8:56 am
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Concerning the Sheriff’s race…I kind of thought that Napier would win. Yeah, there were a lot of repubs running…which is good. Voters need more choices. However, Napier seemed to do the best job getting his name and his message out there. It’s a message I agree with. Yes, he has an uphill battle…you can’t fix stupid, and that’s exactly what the Southern Arizona electorate is.

Aug 29, 2012, 9:03 am
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@Bret Linden

The video linked in the story was posted not by Grijalva, but by a right-wing website. It’s not edited, Bret. Those are Mercer’s words, and the entire 14-minute context is available.

Aug 29, 2012, 9:24 am
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@Dylan Smith

Did you watch the 14 minute uncut version? I did. I didn’t see or hear anything that conveyed hate or racism.

Aug 29, 2012, 9:26 am
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Grijalva’s fluff boys did release an edited version, and it looked different than the uncut one to me. When I get some time to drill I’ll find it for you and I’ll post both links. In the meantime, here’s another video for Grijalva supporters to watch. And this one is unedited…


Aug 29, 2012, 9:32 am
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more later, but I’m going to remind everyone that Grijalva is a former member of Mecha, so he’s the last guy who should be calling anyone anywhere a racist, and it has to show you that his loyalties are not with the United States. Here, copied and pasted from mecha’s own website, their words, not mine…

MEChA is an Hispanic separatist organization that encourages anti-American activities and civil disobedience. The radical members of MEChA who refer to themselves as “Mechistas,” romanticize Mexican claims to the “lost Territories” of the Southwestern United States—a Chicano country called Aztlan. In its national constitution, MEChA calls for self-determination by its members to liberate Aztlan. MEChA’s national constitution starts out: “Chicano and Chicana students of Aztlán must take upon themselves the responsibilities to promote Chicanismo within the community, politicizing our Raza with an emphasis on indigenous consciousness to continue the struggle for the self-determination of the Chicano people for the purpose of liberating Aztlán.”

This is Arizona. This is the United States. It is not Mexico, it is not Atztlatnan (or whatever), and it never will be…no matter how badly Grijalva wants it.

Aug 30, 2012, 9:58 am
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OK, as promised I got back to this. I won’t post links. Because this is smearing Saucedo-Mercer the ADS is all over it. But what surprises me is that they now have links to both the edited and unedited version. I recommend watching them both and comparing them in your own mind.

What I think a fair question is…the interview happened June 2011. Why did it take so long for this story to break? Saucedo-Mercer announced her intention to run some time ago. Why not release it then? Why make a stink about it the day that Grijalva allegedly won his primary? I think these are some thought-provoking questions. Maybe people just need a year or more to get mad at something perhaps?

Aug 30, 2012, 6:28 pm
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Bret, I’m in “that district.”  I don’t know what Grijalva did to you, but it had to be pretty bad. Did he push the welcome wagon ladies out of the way and pee in your wheaties when you arrived from Minneapolis?

MEChA was a college thing, in the 60’s and ear;y 70’s when every college had radical groups popping up like zits in high school.  Rebelling was a right of passage during that time and this country changed dramatically FOR THE BETTER!

Grijalva is a native son, he was born in Tucson, went to school in Tucson, graduated from college in Tucson.  He provided a Latino perspective on the TUSD school board for 11 years when there had been none for over 100 years.  He is passionate about protecting his heritage, his culture, and his homeland.  So, yeah, he pops of with stupidity periodically.  You, sir, are certainly not immune to that affliction, and neither am I.

Maybe someday you will accept that you don’t have to hate one group to love another.  You can love them both and when you do, you have solid ground for speaking truth to power and doing what is best for both groups in the long haul.

So, am I going to vote for Grijalva?  Probably…I voted for Jaime Vasquez in the primary.

Aug 30, 2012, 6:46 pm
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A historical note:

Robert Salvatierra, Jr., served on the TUSD Governing Board from 1953-1955. Grijalva was elected to that body in 1974, and served through 1986.


Aug 31, 2012, 12:15 am
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Would you be so forgiving of a white politican who was a former member of the KKK, even if it was just a “college phase” or a “right of passage”? Yeah, didn’t think so…

Grijalva has spent the last dacade showing us he is very much still in the mecha mindset. Anytime there is any sort of legislation introduced to help protect our border or our soverignty, or protect our children from being brainwashed into the mecha mindset using our tax dollars, he’s right there to give an idiotic sound byte containing one of the old tired buzz-words like “mean-spirited” or “racist”. When he has a chance to do the right thing for our country, like stand-up against something like Fast-and-Furious, he throws a crybaby tantrum and walks out of the room.

And a Latino perspective, huh? That’s part of the problem, right there. No politician at any layer of government should be thinking in terms of color. And, if they are, they should be fired. I want elected officials to provide an AMERICAN perspective. After all, aren’t we supposed to be a melting pot here?

Grijalva passionate about protecting his homeland? I would hope you’re referring to the United States, because you point out he is native to here, so this is supposed to be his homeland, right? As far as I can tell, he’s done all he can to weaken it, not protect it. Watch this brief video that shows how important protecting his homeland is to him…


(more to come)

Aug 31, 2012, 12:20 am
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(continued from last post)

“Truth to power”? Really, quoting his campaign sign? The same campaign sign that has a nose on it, and then the condidate’s name in huge snot-colored letters right below the nose? Yeah, not very well thought out there. But, while I admit to having never witnessed snot in Grijalva’s slovenly, unkempt mustache, I would believe it. After all, I did see him show up to a debate with no coat or tie, and food down the front of his shirt.

So, what’s my problem with Grijalva, other than what I already outlined? Well, it’s what he represents. He represents all that is broken and wrong with our election processes. His district is blatantly rigged for him to win. But, more than that…to be fair, I’m sure there are people who actually know who and what Grijalva is and what he’s about and that agree with his views (not having to do with skin color), and vote their conscience when they for for Grijalva. However, I honestly believe with every fiber of my being that those people are in the vast minority.

I have no doubt at all that a large percentage of Grijalva’s votes come from people voting for skin color. I have no doubt at all that a large percentage of Grijalva’s votes come from people voting for for “D”. I have no doubt at all that a large percentage of Grijalva’s votes come from people voting for the Hispanic-sounding last name. I have no doubt at all that a large percentage of Grijalva’s votes come from people who don’t have the first damn clue who Grijalva really is and what he’s about. I’ll concede that the voters in Grijalva’s district don’t have a monopoly on that disgusting practice, but that’s where it seems the most prevalant, and that’s where it does the most damage at both a national and a local level. There are 435 Congressional districts in our country. Does anyone actually believe that Grijalva would stand any chance at all getting elected in any one of the other 434? To me, that represents a HUGE problem. The majority of voters in Grijalva’s district take for granted…hell, they outright disrespect, one of our most precious and sacred rights that is the envy of people in many other countries…the right to vote. Are the voters in Grijalva’s district grateful for that precious right? Of course not. They just throw it away on shallow, superficial bullshit that should not come in to play in any election anywhere in our country, and as an American it makes me sick, and less-than-hopeful about our future. If voting against someone because they are a certain skin color is wrong, then isn’t voting FOR someone because they are a certain skin color equally wrong? I sure as hell think it is.

Why is there not more outrage about this?

Sorry, we missed your input...

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Kevin Asher/TucsonSentinel.com

U.S. Rep.Ron Barber thanked supporters at the Democratic Party gathering at the El Casino Ballroom.


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