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Pedicone: Pueblo's no-zero grading 'crossed the line'

Updated: TUSD officials are tossing out a "naive" Pueblo High plan to give students a minimum 50 points on every assignment, even in cases of cheating. Sup't Pedicone said the school's principal "ended up crossing the line."

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Aug 1, 2012, 4:52 pm
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Wow, good news. I credit the marvel of the information age, getting this news out to a lot of people quickly, with influencing Stegeman to do the right thing. He is, however, wrong with the following quote:

The plan was created “with the best of intentions,” Pedicone said. “We support what she’s trying to do.”

It was done with idiotic intentions, and no one should support this stupid plan.

“Can you tell me who gave you this information?” Watt wrote.

Wow, this is hilarious…and I hope her question wasn’t answered. When you send an email out to hundreds of people, you can’t keep it a secret. Get realistic there Watt. Duh! But I give Watt a 50 for her effort…

To me, on this part of the issue it’s this simple…public schools are public funded, meaning that they work for us…the taxpayers. In essence, we are their bosses. This means that, while they’re on the clock, short of violating HIPPA or similar laws they should have no secrets from us. We have a right to know about anything and everything they’re doing while they’re on the clock. If anyone has a problem with that then to them I recommend employment in the private sector.


For my daily news fix I go to three places…here, the dying ADS, and the Arizona Daily Independent. I gotta say that, while all three outlets reported on this story, the Sentinel’s investigation, reporting, timeliness, neutrality, and follow-up far outshined its competitors. Excellent work. (See Dylan, I don’t just hurl criticism and insults…I give props where they’re due, also!)

Aug 1, 2012, 6:19 pm
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@Bret Linden

I believe you’ve confused Stegeman/Pedicone in your first graph.

Anyway, a quick search of the Star shows no reporting on this issue. As for the ADI, you might find their brand of commentary fits your viewpoint, but they’re hardly a news outlet.

But thanks just the same for your continued support; spread the word!

Aug 2, 2012, 8:51 am
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@Dylan Smith

-Blah, yes I did. My bad.

-On Tuesday they had a half-assed piece on the story, no where near as detailed as the Sentinel’s piece (though, in most cases, the Star is not detail-oriented, hence their inevitable forthcoming demise). It got some comments, but as of yesterday it was gone. For reasons I can’t figure out, the ADS will let some stories stay on line for a day, then it will disappear forever.

-The ADI…News outlet, I personally would say yes. However, I will concede they’re heavily biased. However, they do tackle many stories that the ADS won’t because the ADS has an agenda and rarely publishes pieces that threaten said agenda. Under normal circumstances I would call out the ADI on their lack of journalistic integrity. However, it is refreshing, and necessary, to have a counterbalance to the ADS. Hopefully, when the ADS dies, the ADI will assume a neutral position.

I continue to support the Sentinel because of it’s sort-of neutral position (you do lean left sometimes), but mostly because I can say whatever I want here without fear of it being deleted just because someone at the Sentinel doesn’t agree with it. I know it’s in your TOS, but having it in there is one thing, practicing it is another….and I appreciate that you guys practice what you preach. I will indeed continue to spread the word.

Aug 2, 2012, 2:18 pm
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The no zero grading policy is overturned and I am glad that reason has prevailed. However, the problem with a lack of leadership at Pueblo remains. Naive is not the word I would use for this.
The problem of incoming freshman being poorly prepared is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. Pueblo has seen high drop out rates because students are poorly prepared, not uncommonly four or five years behind grade level. These students have been ill served and it is no easy matter to unlearn years of bad habits The problem is a complex one and not prone to simple solutions by well intentioned administrators.
I doubt Ms. Watt will ever be successful. If she were serious about making a change, then she would spend her time and resources identifying students with a high chance of failure, monitor their attendance daily from day one, and provide support classes to build study skills and provide help. These students need high expectations and the tools to meet them, not accounting magic. The zeroes are a symptom not the problem itself. Watt needs to be proactive with students about having skills and using them, thus never earning a zero in the first place. Then they do not need do overs, excuses or low expectations. It is hard work and teachers need support and encouragement, not the third degree or threats and other bullying.

Aug 3, 2012, 11:59 am
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What we can’t overlook in this practice is that Adelita Grijalva is in favor of this just as she is in favor of “Social Promotion.”  The Majority Minority needs to stopped being coddled like they are underprivileged.

— 30 —


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