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Dems push as GOP weighs next steps on immigration reform

House Republican leaders reaffirmed their stance Wednesday against a comprehensive immigration reform bill like the one passed last month by the Senate, insisting that they will focus on smaller, separate measures instead.
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Jul 12, 2013, 1:38 pm
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I think that picture of Grijalva sums up just how much he respects the office he was supposedly elected to, and the constituents he is supposed to be serving.

...insisting that they will focus on smaller, separate measures instead.

Absolutely. This has been the correct approach all along. It the the common-sense approach in all things in life, and it is what should have been applied to health-care reform. All-or-nothing deals are nothing short of retarded, regardless of whether they’re passed or not. Would you remodel your home by burning it down and building a new one, or do you fix up one room at a time?

“The symbolic nature of constructing more fence along the border of a country with whom we have such great business relationships doesn’t make any sense,” Vela said.

Ummmm….wow. Talk about showing one’s ignorance. Next maybe Vela will tell us he doesn’t know what color the sky is.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Tucson, one of the Hispanic Caucus members who met with Obama earlier Wednesday, said…

Does it ever matter what this jerk says? He’s never going to be held accountable for any of it. Besides, people on both sides of this issue know exactly where Grijalva stands, and his true motives for taking the positions he does. He thinks the borders should be wide open so that floods of border jumpers, illegal drugs, weapons, and who knows what else can go back and forth as they please. People who vote for Grijalva know this and want this, too. People who vote against Grijalva and also know this, and they vote against Grijalva to try to stop this practice.

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