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Farmworkers to Colbert: Immigration worries? Work in fields

To those who fear that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from U.S. citizens, the United Farm Workers of America says: Take a farmworker's job.
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Jul 9, 2010, 9:58 am
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Okay first let me say the notion of americans not wanting to work in any condition is rediculous. We made this country what it is to say we need others to keep it going is a spit in the face of america herself and you should be ashamed. I’m an able bodied 23 year old citizen of these united states and i garuntee I can do the work at par or better than an illegal. Put me to work I’m in reno NV my personal cell is 775-XXX_XXXX. You say there is somebody to train me on whatever job you think I can’t do prove it. I’ll be waiting for a call.

Jul 9, 2010, 10:07 am
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I removed your phone number; posting personal info on teh Interwebz isn’t always the best of ideas.

If you’d like to contact the Farmworkers and get in on their program, you may do so through their website: Take Our Jobs.

Jul 9, 2010, 11:41 am
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I have contacted them and am awaiting their reply. i just want to make sure people see if no where else but on this site, Americans can take care of themselves. If you want to become one good. Do it right and I’ll have the utmost respect, matter of fact I’ll be hanging out with a legal immigrant later tonight. Lets make our government do their job and work for the better of it’s citizens!

Jul 9, 2010, 2:22 pm
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I checked it out. They refer you to a site with job listings.There are 2 listings for my state and 0 in this county. None in the state offer housing. There are also 0 listings for the neighboring state. I have found none so far that offer housing . I have also seen nothing about offering training. My priority for the time being is to find something more permanent. IF they can find me a job I can get t I won’t turn it down but as far as I know they dont assisit anyone to even make it possible to relocate to the job or have a roof over your head when you get there. It is easy to claim all these jobs are available to us when people like me can’t even get to them without hitchiking or walking across the country and sleeping on the streets.

Jul 10, 2010, 5:43 am
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What is the argument here? every single alien “BROKE THE LAW!” Our Government, Republican & Democrat, have allowed the invasion of 30 million criminals and is the largest invasion of any Nation, in direct violation of Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution.

This refusal to abide by our Constitution should be classified as Treason as grounds for IMPEACHMENT & trials for Treason!

Not only have they allowed the invasion, they force American tax payers to pay Billions of dollars to provide Welfare, Prison, Educate the invaders children,free medical care, at the same time the invading horde break numerous laws, massive document fraud, & are destroying our schools, hospitals, communities, culture and standard of living while Robbing, Raping, Killing & Assaulting American Citizens WAKE UP PEOPLE! They walked,rode,swam and drove over here, they can do the same going home! taking thier anchors with them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btj6IeOFkis&feature=player_embedded

Jul 10, 2010, 7:36 pm
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When I was 18 I picked strawberries for a day. I was in good health and jobs were hard to find. Sorry but I could not handle this job. These people are tough, hard workers.

Yes, get rid of the thugs and rapists and give these people are legal way to do this. I see a lot of you commenting, I hope you find your job picking berries and come back and write more….

I look forward to the first that makes it a week but I do not think it is going to happen. And what, you need a web site to find one of these jobs? You think these people come here with laptops? If you cannot find a damn farm to work on maybe you should try McDonalds.

Jul 11, 2010, 8:40 am
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Using the fact that for many workers in the US, a business can find someone else out there in the world that will work harder for less money as a reason to just allow all these people in to do the work, is just pitiful. Who does this benefit?
Increasing the wages for the pickers would have a small impact on prices. Tomato pickers get 1.4 cents per pound and can earn about $60.00 per day. If pickers got 10 cents a pound, a ‘lazy’ American could earn over $200.00 a day and the price of a tomato would only go up by about 3 cents. I would pay 3 cents more for a tomato.

Jul 12, 2010, 10:41 am
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yea so still haven’t heard anything back from this “organization”. I agree whole heartedly that one paying legal workers slightly more would not hurt the anyone’s pocket and also that our government is fully working against its citizens. When I was eighteen I broke the law, I sold marijuana and was convicted of trafficking in kentucky. I served my time in prison and have since strayed from trouble. I cannot get a job partly because of the economy and partly because of my felony. I served my time and these people who are commiting a crime daily walk free. I got caught i did my time. all these people are facing is getting deported. I would rather have the ladder but I’m not the one braking the law now. Get out of MY country and give me MY job back!

Jul 12, 2010, 10:46 am
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By the way I had lived on the streets and in cars before being arrested for trafficking- less than a pound of marijuana street value around 800-1000$. It is kentuckys second leading cash crop behind tobacco. But still I broke the law as it was. Served out and am shunned worse than a person who is constantly committing a crime. Thanks a lot government you really have showed me your corrupt thru and thru.

— 30 —


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