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State, nat'l rankings vary widely on Az student performance

School officials boasted that nearly 72 percent of Arizona fourth-graders scored “proficient” or above on a state reading assessment in 2010. A year later, a national assessment put the number of proficient fourth-grade readers at just 26 percent. So do Arizona administrators have a math problem or a reading problem? Neither, it turns out.
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Jun 27, 2012, 2:37 pm
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I’d like more info as to who the numbers are compiled. Do they take them from every student in the state, or do they just take a random sample?

I acknowledge that my public school days are over two decades behind me. However, I did go to school around here. I was in the Flowing Wells district from first to seventh grades, then TUSD from eight grade on. The transition from Flowing Wells to TUSD was quite an eye-opener. It showed me that Flowing Wells and their students were so far ahead of TUSD in so many ways. My seventh-grade education could have allowed me to take the next few years off in TUSD, because I had already learned in Flowing Wells what TUSD was teaching me in the coming months and years.

My point is that, at least in my day, not all school districts are equal. So, unless you’re going off of each and every student in the state, your numbers are going to change contingent on what district or districts you’re pulling them from.

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