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Supreme Court ruling frees Az from advance federal OK of voting laws

Arizona will no longer have to get prior federal government approval for state voting changes, after the Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a key component of the Voting Rights Act. A sharply divided court said the part of the law that required nine states, including Arizona, to get advance permission for voting changes had outlived its need and that it unconstitutionally singled out some states for harsher treatment than others.
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Jun 26, 2013, 3:38 pm
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Despite the court ruling, Grijalva, Gallardo and others vowed to continue fighting for voter parity.

“Voter parity” really means rigged districts in this case. Grijalva would NEVER win in a non-rigged district…and that has zero to do with skin color. He feels threatened by this ruling. If districts are redrawn free from bias, he doesn’t stand a chance of keeping his job and he knows it. He also doesn’t stand any chance of surviving any private sector job.

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