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PCC police chief steps down; interim replacement picked

In the wake of the sudden resignation of Pima Community College's chief of police, the school appointed a temporary head of the force Friday afternoon.
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Jun 21, 2013, 9:09 pm
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I wont name names here (if they want to come out publicly with this,they can), but speaking as a former PCC employee I know of at least two officers that were denied promotions to Sergeant despite a lot of time in, dedicated service, and excellent reputations amongst the PCC community. As I understand it, that mistreatment drove at least one of those officers to retire early, which would have been a grave disservice to PCC as he was a valued colleague.

It is sad that the cronyism that plagued PCC knew no bounds, and even infected its Police Department.

However, all this said, I’m not going to bash Stella Bay. She’s doing the right thing here, and the Flores Board can learn from her example. If a majority of those under you have expressed that they have no confidence in you, then you have no authority regardless of whatever body supposedly granted you that authority.

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