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Update: 2 hikers die, 1 missing, on Tucson trails as temps spike to 115-plus

Gauges read 115-121 degrees around Tucson

A man and woman died in separate incidents while hiking just north of Tucson on Sunday, as authorities conducted three heat-related search and rescue operations in the desert. Temperatures hit 115 degrees at the airport, with other area thermometers reading 116 — just a single degree shy of the all-time record.
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Jun 19, 2016, 5:07 pm
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Taking a hike today was kind of like saying I want to die today.  It was such an irrational thing to do and it was such an easy choice to make.

Jun 20, 2016, 8:50 am
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It is always sad and tragic when people die.  It is even worse when their thoughtless mistakes endanger others, this was the case yesterday.  Every media outlet in Arizona warned folks that Sunday would be the hottest day in 21 years…  Still they go hiking, without adequate water, and in so doing, endanger the folks who must rescue them.  While their deaths are sad, they stand as a learning lesson for others, who may yet make the same mistake…  Several of the 3-4 people who died in the Catalina’s and Superstition’s Mts Sunday were in their 20’s, or in their eyes “invulnerable”, hopefully a lesson may be learned and future senseless deaths avoided….

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