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Border Roundup: Militia group plans Pinal patrol

SB 1070 still hot topic in national debate

As has been the case recently, immigration news in Arizona revolved around SB 1070. But shaking things up this weekend is a group of right-wing activists - led by a reputed neo-Nazi - attempting to take border enforcement into their own hands. Plus a roundup of the week's border news.
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Jun 19, 2010, 12:18 am
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Yo, harsh neo nazi people: chill!

We get it. You’re practicing your 1st amendment rights to be lame towards other races than your own, fine, whatever. You are protected by the constitution and most Americans would agree that these are rights you are entitled to. No one is doubting how tough and awesomely patriotic you are… though your kind of patriotism seems to differ from that practiced by soldiers and public servants (you know… people who actually serve the nation for the benefit of all) but I guess its kinda relative.

But! This whole going to the border and taking on drug traffickers deal is bogus. This dose not seem like a wise decision at all. Know your opponet before you step into the octagon! Ask any Law enforcement officer, border patrol agent, drug dealer, or gang member what its like to deal with the cartels. I think they would all agree that it will not go well for you should you shed the blood of these men carelessly.

Please let Law Enforcement do their job. If you really want to help reduce drug trafficking you may want to consider looking within your own ranks (white supremacy groups deal lot of meth you know). Besides: the problem is a demand issue not supply. Curb demand and the supply stream dwindles down to a manageable size. Its not the traffickers… its our insatiable appetite for drugs.

Please be proper patriots and support our Law enforcement in this conflict by staying out of the way and don’t challenge Lady Muerte in such a foolhardy way. The consequences will be great, for all of us… on both sides of the border. Remember, your racism gives you no high moral ground and that makes it really awkward for any Higher Power, much less your fellow Americans, to protect you should things get hairy.

We’d much rather see you marching around with your nutty nazi flags practicing your 1st amendment rights in the weird way that you do than dead.

Jun 19, 2010, 8:38 am
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Time to change The Second Amendment is now.

Jun 20, 2010, 5:23 pm
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Are they really neo-Nazi’s or are they just American Patriots who have the time and money to do what É of Americans would like to do? I support what they are doing. Here in Texas we are fed up with all the millions of people who sneak into this country. I think Texas should follow AZ’s new law.

Jun 21, 2010, 7:18 am
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Yes they are Neo-Nazi’s
And is Texas ready to spend millions of dollars to
infringe on rights of the people of Texas?

Jul 2, 2010, 4:28 pm
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I don’t care what group some or all of them could be affiliated with. They are obeying our laws and doing what is right and what is needed. It is our duttie as citizens to put are differences aside and come to the aid of our country. If we don’t we loss it!!!!


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