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Goddard withdraws from SB 1070 cases

Saying he wants to avoid a costly court battle with Gov. Jan Brewer, state Attorney General Terry Goddard will withdraw as Arizona's legal counsel in suits over SB 1070 and HB 2162.
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Jun 18, 2010, 3:42 pm
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As a Independent, a Tea Partier I want politicians working for every American and legal entrant. Years of neglect have come back to haunt each political parties and now they are going to serve you a hundred billion dollar bailout, By legalizing criminal aliens who violated our sovereign law of defending our borders from drug criminals and others with criminal records escaping from foreign law enforcements. The criminal element is prevalent in the border state of Arizona, but if we don’t throw out of office the spreading violence and criminal will get worse. IN EVERY STATE!. It’s outrageous when an American public servant such as Madame Clinton reveals to a foreign Diplomat about our internal affairs before the US taxpayers who pay her salary. Clinton might be against the “ATTRITION OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, but Governor Brewer has already received $48.000 from the Average Citizen-legal resident to support this the SB 1070 policing law.

Liberals are strictly behind this obnoxious push to obtain quasi—legitimate path to citizenship, which must be stopped at any cost.  Learn about the corruption in Washington and in State Capitols in both ruling parties. Your vote is powerful, so its up to you and only—YOU! Obama’s administration Czars are debunking our US Constitution and not following the voice of the people? Support the State of Arizona. Stop any immigration Amnesty as it will bankrupt many states. Don’t follow the chaos that the Sanctuary—illegal alien—state of California is suffering from? Discover the abhorrent facts on NumbersUSA and Judicial Watch. Call your Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand their support of the state of Arizona or see the door in coming November elections.

Jun 18, 2010, 3:44 pm
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There will be a confrontation soon between Americans who want a halt to illegal immigration occupancy and the zealots who want open borders? NumbersUSA has all the answers to these question of those pandering to specific ethnic organizations, and wants you to keep subsidizing illegal aliens lives. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has the followers who see nothing wrong, for you to keep unceasingly pay-out for illegal alien families who need urgent care in hospitals, education for their children and other welfare programs Our country is 13 Trillion dollars in debt, which is mostly owed to Communist China. We have about 15 million people slogging the streets for jobs, but their is estimated to be 8.5 million foreigners working on bogus ID and Social Security numbers employed. If you haven’t checked your Credit report lately, I suggest you do? My own Social Security number was compromised of all things by a person working for a Security Firm in Dallas, TX.

Apart from Sen. Reid who has to go, Pelosi in charge of our Homeland Security, Clinton, Holder, Morton, Boxer, Schumer and Graham are all set on—FORCING—through another financially crippling—AMNESTY. Now that this fury battle has been ignited by the Arizona SB 1070 police law, we must not let this controversial issue sink quietly beneath the oil situation in the Gulf. Governor Brewer is an upstanding patriotic American and doesn’t crawl to powerful influences of businesses who hire illegal aliens,  ethnic caucuses and reams of other soft-brained idiots who want massive avalanches of people from South-North of the border or intentionally overstayed their visa.

Jun 18, 2010, 6:29 pm
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A independent+ a Tea Partier,Brither.
The Obama Admin has been around only 550 days,So it must be the Black Mans Fault,You so called Tea [****] are fools.You are being played by the GOP who can’t find votes so they play to your fears and to the “white man vote”
Brewer is a jerk looking to get into office,This state “AZ” has gone down the drain under the control of the GOP for the last 44 years! If you cloud the issues with hate and fear real Americans wont see how bad this state is.
As for SB 1070 if it gos thru what happens?
Do you know?
I think not.
1st if the illegal person fights it he/she is released,then they get a drivers lic, a green card to work an a ID if they are lucky the case gos before a Fed Judge in about 2 years so SB 1070 is a way to become a legal person in the view of state law.
See so this gos to show you Tea Party victims are sheep.
Oh one last thing it was Ronald Reagan who gave Amnesty to millions of people back in the day!
Who was Reagan? ohh ya the best GOP guy ever from Calif.

Jun 18, 2010, 7:16 pm
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Ease up on the personal invective a bit, okay, Sam? Let’s have a lively debate, but also a respectful one.


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