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DHS: No more deportations of young illegal immigrants

Move implements many DREAM Act provisions

The Department of Homeland Security will no longer deport many young illegal immigrants and will grant work permits to those who fall under new criteria, the agency announced Friday.
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Jun 15, 2012, 9:10 am
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Don’t you love it when a cabinet member who looks like Fred Flinstone, or a Sheriff she conclusively proves that democracy doesn’t work, picks and chooses which laws they feel like enforcing?

Both these idiots seem to forget-or just disregard-that they took an oath to enforce the law. Their job is not to set laws, but to enforce them.

This may garner Obama the “hispanic vote” (whatever the hell that means), but it will also cost him votes from those who want to see our sovereignty respected, our borders guarded, and our laws enforced.

I was willing to give Obama a chance once he first took office, but once he announced Nappy the DHS director I knew at that moment his administration was going to be a disaster. Turns out, I was right.

In November, I am going to violate one of my principles…I pledge never to vote against someone but for them. But, this is an extreme case. Obama has to go, for so many reasons. I’m voting for Romney for the sole reason that he is not Obama.

Jun 15, 2012, 12:28 pm
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@Bret Linden

I don’t know which weakens your argument more: that you begin with an ad hominem attack based on personal appearance, or that your initial sentence doesn’t parse.

In your comments, you’ve blasted candidates for “not telling us what they’re for, but rather who they’re against.” (Yes, that’s a paraphrase; tell me if I’ve misunderstood.)

But you continually attack politicians and activists, rather than telling us the policies that you favor. How is that “Got Irony” t-shirt fitting you these days?

Jun 15, 2012, 12:41 pm
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So, what you’re telling me is that I’m supposed to forgive a politician just because they’re honest about what they’re doing, despite the fact that it’s wrong?

And, no, you didn’t misunderstand my Barber tirades (and before that, Terry Goddard and Gabby Giffords, who ran campaigns based on a similar playbook).

I’m not running for public office, not am I requesting tax dollars to do anything. While approval of others is well and nice and makes a guy feel good, I neither seek it nor require it.

I’ll give the t-shirt to you. It seems to me more your size than mine.

Is this your way of asking how I feel about the immigration issue? I thought my comment history (which you’re referencing here) has already made that abundantly clear. But, from my earlier comment…

..see our sovereignty respected, our borders guarded, and our laws enforced.

Selectively enforcing laws is not only unethical, but a Sixth Amendment violation. If border jumpers dragged their kids with them, and the kids get deported, then the blame for that is place squarely on the parents. In other words, it’s not our mess to clean up.

As to Nappy and others of her ilk, I recommend a profession other than law enforcement. People like her seem much more interested in making laws rather than enforcing them. DHS chief is not a lawmaker.

If you’re referring to the last sentence in my previous comment…in my mind, Obama has proven in so many ways that he’s clearly not even close to being cut out for the job of President. I don’t have to attack the guy, he’s made that case better than I ever could. He’s got to go…and I’m voting for the guy with the best shot at beating him.

Jun 15, 2012, 10:44 pm
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So, now that we’ve heard Obama’s comments on this issue, let’s review, shall we?

-Obama wanted the DREAM act passed. Congress told him no. So, what does he do…he calls up Fred Flintstone and pretty much tells him/her/whatever that he is going to disrespect their directive and go ahead and do it anyway

-Arizona passed an enforcement statute. Obama didn’t like it and sued. The Supreme Court gave every indication they were going to call SB1070 good. So, what does Obama do…whatever he can to keep SB1070 from working as it was intended, of course silly.

So, here we have a guy who not only doesn’t respect the rule of law and our judicial process, but he is offering safe haven to those with similar disrespect of the law. He does ask…but when he’s told no, he finds a way to just go ahead and do whatever he wanted to do all along, anyway.

How do I feel? I feel the immigration laws we have on the books are just fine, more than adequate. It’s the enforcement of such laws that are broken and need to be reformed. Had we been enforcing these laws the way we should have all along we wouldn’t have 12 million border jumpers in our country now (or whatever the latest number is). Yes, we have a mess to clean up, but amnesty (which is what Obama did today…make no mistake about it) is NOT the solution to the problem.

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