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TUSD sup't finalist video: 'No silver bullets' to fix education

Full video: H.T. Sanchez, the sole finalist for TUSD superintendent, answered questions at length at a public forum Wednesday night, speaking for two hours before an audience of about 90 at Catalina High. Sanchez gave his take on issues facing the district, including qualified support for Mexican American studies, a rejection of guns in schools, and a willingness to grapple with charter schools.
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Jun 14, 2013, 3:12 pm
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He seems bright and sincere, but I am not sure that is enough. I felt he dodged several key questions with repeated aphorisms. As a 23 year veteran of TUSD I am not convinced but I am willing to watch and see. However, that being said, I must echo the responses of several others who wished there had been more candidates.

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