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J.C. Scott: Post-election coverage

Guests: Election analysis with TucsonSentinel.com editor Dylan Smith, Shelly Fishman on U.S. and European markets, and Pima Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers.

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Jun 14, 2012, 8:24 am
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Two things here…

First off, props tot he Sentinel for putting the Scott Show on the site. This is going to be a good partnership for both sides, and it’s good to hear a radio show here that’s not run by that soft ass-kisser Buckmaster.

Next, Dylan…wow. You and I have had our differences in the past. And, there have even been times where I thought you would greatly benefit from a punch in the face. But, despite all our differences, I never, ever, ever thought of you as gullible…until now. I listened to you on the Scott show speaking about Rio Nuevo, and I was surprised to hear you say what you said…

You really don’t see why Pearce (Pierce?) yanked Grinell and Bain from the board? Don’t you think the timing is a little too perfect, just a couple of weeks before the forensic audit was to be released? I know this town is littered with hard-core liberals, who like to just let things go, “move on”, and never hold anybody accountable for their misdeeds. But, that’s not how the real world works, especially if you want to get things done. Anyone who thinks that $230m can just disappear with only a couple of parking garages to show for it without any criminal activity being involved is horribly naive, so much so that I wonder how a person so naive has lived this long without being eaten by a lion or something.

To use an analogy…if you have a leak in your gas tank, you don’t put any more gas in it until you do three things…you find out where the leak is, you plug the leak, and you do what you can to prevent the leak from recurring.

Jodi Bain is very smart. She was doing everything right. She was doing everything I would have done were I in her place…well, that’s almost true. I think Rio Nuevo should have been shut down YEARs ago, but if for some reason we absolutely have to have it…

Find out where the leak is: Bain was trying to find out where all the money, why it went there, and who is responsible.


Jun 14, 2012, 8:26 am
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Plug the leak: Bain needed information to end whatever it was that was siphoning money out of the district by the millions with little to show for it.

Prevent the leak from recurring: Without knowing who or what was responsible for the waste, how in the world do we know what people to remove from the equation to prevent the leak from recurring?

Were I chair of Rio Nuevo, I wouldn’t have spent a single dime until I had answers to all of these questions. Bain was trying to get the house in order before Rio Nuevo spent any more money. I am going to use a term that offends many Tucsonans…fiscal responsibility. Bain was being fiscally responsible. Bain is what we needed all along. Just because money isn’t your money, or just because it’s tax money, doesn’t mean that you go on some sort of spending spree.

And, as to the lawsuits Rio Nuevo filed…that was also smart. This intolerable situation has been festering for a long time, and as a result the statute of limitations was running out on several issues. The only way to stop the legal clock was to file the lawsuits. If RN and the City could have ironed out the particular issues then the suits could have been dropped down the road.

I hope Dylan, or at least someone, read this all the way through, absorbed it, understands it, and now sees that the removal of Bain and Grinell, especially the timing of it, really stinks.

They were doing everything right. Why would Pierce want to remove two people that were doing everything right?

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