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Special session called to extend jobless benefits

Brewer now pushing for continued aid for long-term unemployed

With unemployment benefits for nearly 20,000 Arizonans set to expire next week, Gov. Jan Brewer called a special session of the Legislature, asking lawmakers to make a one-word change to state law that will extend jobless aid.
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Jun 9, 2011, 6:16 am
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“Unfortunately, a special session wasn’t necessary to make this fix,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell in a release, pointing out the Democrats’ move to make the statuatory adjustment in April was blocked by the GOP.

That AZ did NOT extend during regular session costs the State how much?
But of course, calling a special session makes Brewer look like a special savior in some people’s eyes. I call it poor management.
It goes without saying that the extension of unemployment funding is an absolute necessity.

Jun 9, 2011, 6:21 am
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Currently, Texas requires 5 provable searches with contacts per week of unemployment coverage, as well as 5 contacts ( via internet, which means travel to internet access for those without) per week covered. Fulfilling the requisites is a job in itself.

Jun 12, 2011, 12:49 pm
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I have never written a blog before but when I heard what the Arizona Legislation
is doing in regards to this Unemployment situation I just had to chime in.

I’m neither a Republican nor a Demarcate and yes I have a job

My main reason for writing is I hope some reporter who has a back bone
will pick up on this blog because it is something I have not read or heard anywhere
does anybody remember a few months ago When the Federal Government voted
on extending Unemployment it was only passed due to the republicans getting what     they wanted? Very large tax breaks for the rich while holding the unemployed hostage until they got it when it finally passed? The federal government told the states to change there state’s Look Back Formula from 2 years to 3 years to be eligible.

Now with that being said Arizonans Republicans refused to make the one word change during there regular session and now Jan Brewer has called for a one day special session to address this issue and this issue alone. And now again the republicans are holding the unemployed hostage again until they Get more tax breaks for there rich friends again.

Does anybody understand what is going on here? They are getting two bites at the apple.
It was the Republicans who created the unemployed in the first place (by sending there friend’s companies over seas to avoid taxes). And to use the now unemployed as pawns for there own political global agenda.
Why have I not seen or heard any thing about this by anyone?

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