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No More Deaths trial: Warren testifies in defense, says he's 'compelled' to help migrants in desert

No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren testified in his own defense, telling jurors Wednesday that that his spiritual values compel him to help those who "stumble" out of the desert and that doing so is "good and right, especially in a place that feels like a low-intensity conflict."... Read more»

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Jun 6, 2019, 2:22 pm
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Were the abolitionists who ran the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves conspirators?  Was that a conspiracy?  How about the people who hid Jews during WW2, like Anne Frank.  Were the French Resistance also involved in a murderous conspiracy?  OR ... WERE THEY SAVING HUMAN LIVES FROM CORRUPT, POWERFUL PEOPLE? 

There is no conspiracy here, unless helping fellow humans survive is a conspiracy. If that is true, then all Americans are in on the “crime.” Ask a veteran, and there are plenty in AZ! This would not be happening only a few decades ago. Now? The corruption of our leaders has definitely “trickled down” even though not a dime of the funding seems to have! Huh, imagine that!

How could anyone WANT to live in Arizona these days?  People better start taking better measures to control the EVIL that is so pervasive in that state!  Remember the paralyzed woman who gave birth MULTIPLE TIMES in that nursing home?!  Remember your “Sheriff Joe,” a bigger criminal than any behind bars?  Remember the citizens who took it upon themselves to MURDER refugees?!  Now this ... what else do you hide down there in Evil Country? Maybe it’s so hot cause its so close to Hell?! 

Surely there are GOOD people in AZ!!  You good people better start standing up and being counted! Your state’s reputation is terrible and getting worse! Arresting an educator for leaving WATER in the desert?!  I see a conspiracy to tear apart CHRISTIAN VALUES! The rest?  Must work for Satan, or Lucifer’s henchmen, the justly embarrassed Border Patrol. THAT department needs serious weeding! The wrong people are being arrested, Arizona!  WAKE UP!

Jun 6, 2019, 2:48 pm
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I KNOW what he was charged with but it’s all the underlying garbage coming out of AZ that just gets me all riled up!  I loved that state at one time, but just cannot anymore. Too much BAD happens and gets broadcast on national TV. I KNOW there are really good poeple in AZ, and even though Warren did help those people—who wouldn’t in their right mind do the same if they could?  I mean, SERIOUSLY?  We never had such huge problems when there were more illegals!  Now, it’s like some people have been given a license to just be truly EVIL. Not bad, evil. I’m sorry but there’s no conspiracy here except to save lives. Warren is no different than any other ‘resisters’ of old. Now though, he’s got fellow Americans hammering him too. That’s just ... unAmerican. To me anyway. Obviously, it’s not to you or others in AZ nowadays.

Jun 6, 2019, 2:59 pm
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And now, I will eat my own words! :-)  I took a longer look at the other local news and was happily surprised to see many more stories that were of GOOD things, not just bad stuff. I no longer live down there so of course, I get bit by the nasty news bug first - and this time, exploded! Honestly, it was the number of bodies found and then that story about the women in La Hacienda that just fried my liver! :-(

But after reading more of what’s going on around Tucson, I will eat my words ... but ... not about the Border Patrol. Too much power leads to corruption and too many have it in spades.  But I will apologize for allowing national news to smear the state in my mind! Like anywhere, it could use improvement but like everywhere, it’s filled with good people who, in their own ways, are trying to make better lives for themselves and those around them. At least, I hope so!  ~~ Miss T

Jun 6, 2019, 3:13 pm
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But they’re not coming in looking for freebies.  Statistically, I can prove that, too. As a cultural anthropologist, studying people has been my life. They are fleeing death - though they may not arrive in am ambulance, it is not much different. Once we helped the injured on roadsides, remember? Then, a good Samaritan was charged with a crime for doing so!  Our country has gone nuts!  Too many legal beagles, not enough statesmen, imo. Rulemakers today are like the Pharisees of old. They were more interested in punishing those who broke their man-made rules than they were with the spirituality of the person. Jesus had that down right! :-) He died for it, too. WWJD?  He would not dump thousands of gallons of water in the desert meant to save lives. Even if 1 out of 100 were looking for freebies!  I’d love to share the stats of who the immigrants really are—for the last 100 years up to this year!  AND ..what all they have accomplished. It might really surprise you! :-)

The growing nationalism I see in the US?  It was the same in Germany before Hitler and the Nazi party stirred up that country with half-truths, outright lies and misinformation. They bragged about being ABLE to so easily do it, too. People are easily led around by the nose. It’s unfortunate but true. Most people don’t read the white papers, the WHOLE stories, they read the headlines, or hear the soundbites and that’s IT for them!  Easy peasy!  Sheep. Cotton-heads. Muddled unwashed masses. We both know who I am talking about! You are an RN and should know better than lumping all refugees/immigrants into one group of people seeking freebies! I think you don’t really.

We have far too many laws today, and most make no sense in our daily lives. FAR too many today give the ‘rule-makers’ and ‘rule-enforcers’ extra benefits, ie, ‘get out of jail ‘cards, that the rest of us do not have. We live in trying times, but these types of times have happened before. People should look to history, to the past, to see how best to handle things. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin ... their repressive ways got them killed, along with millions of innocents. MUST we repeat that?

Jun 7, 2019, 12:36 pm
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M you mention veterans in line with undocumented persons for housing.  What about veterans who were deported after serving honorably? Can you justify that?  They risked their lives for this country, and even if they did not do everything perfectly, they deserve better than this: https://www.facebook.com/DeportedVeteransSupportHousePage/

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Paul Ingram/TucsonSentinel.com

Scott Warren in Ajo in August 2018.


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