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Report: Border death rate spiking, despite drop in crossings

Discovery of bodies points to annual 'mass casualty event'

The death rate among migrants in Southern Arizona has "increased exponentially" since the early 2000s, despite an overall decrease in illegal border crossings, a report released Wednesday said. In 2011, the rate of bodies found in the desert was double that in 2009, compared to the number of border crossers caught.
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Jun 5, 2013, 1:20 pm
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close the border…........simple….......close the border to all illegal crossings of illegal jumpers.  They can’t get across, they don’t die, or they die in Mexico. It can be done but will not be done…....Economic development in Mexico…yeah right, get serious. Stockholm syndrome.. As if we are responsible for another countries corruption and woes and need to help straighten their mess out. I say more Border enforcement. Serious border enforcement. Enforce the laws, keep people in their own countries and out of ours. “We have 1000s dying and no one wants to do a thing about it.” Close the border. They will stop dying in our deserts. Cmon RR Goldsmith, support border security.Help with this idea to stop deaths .

Jun 5, 2013, 1:52 pm
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I skimmed through the UA report, and appreciate the work the reporters did on this story, but as someone who is intimately aware of AZ cross border jumping, I would love someone to hold the Mexican Government accountable for allowing the deplorable conditions many of its citizens face forcing them to make dangerous choices to survive.  There are a lot of Mexican citizens wealthy enough to shop and contribute to the AZ economy…what about THEIR NEIGHBORS down the street living in a tin box?  Have they no guilt for the conditions their fellow citizens find themselves in as they drive their nice air conditioned cars up I-19 to shop at La Encantada and Wal-Mart?
Government corruption and drug cartels are easy excuses that have been used for far, far too long…how bout WE finally put pressure on Mexico to clean up its act and be a good neighbor?

Jun 6, 2013, 7:04 am
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Increased border enforcement has forced migrants to dangerous areas of the desert, leaving them vulnerable to “unscrupulous and dangerous smugglers.”

I got a huge problem with this choice of words. This is like saying that a woman being surrounded being surrounded friends had forced a rapist to select another victim. In this scenario, the rapist isn’t forced to do anything. Rather, he should just not be raping anyone at all. Same thing here. Aside from a port of entry, the border jumper shouldn’t be crossing the border at all, anywhere, for any reason.

I know the intent of these stories is to try to garner sympathy, but in my case it doesn’t work. You don’t want to die in the desert, don’t do something you’re not supposed to be doing in the first place. These people know what they’re doing is wrong, and they just don’t care. In the highly unlikely event that they don’t know it is illegal, then good old-fashioned common sense should tell them that crossing a brutally hot desert in the middle of summer is an idiotic idea, regardless of the circumstances.

In response to those who would blame the Mexican government for this situation, I have to mostly disagree. I get rather annoyed when Mexican officials speak as if the border is wide open and seem appalled when a border jumpers is held accountable somehow. However, the simple fact is that securing our border is our responsibility, and ours alone. It is not Mexico’s job to keep them in, it is our job to keep them out. And, despite Fred Flintstones blatantly dishonest claims to the contrary, we’re not doing that job.

The Sun…doing the job the feds won’t do!

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