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Council passes gun laws: Report thefts, breathalyze negligent shooters

Council gives OK to prep draft of civil union ordinance

The Tucson City Council unanimously passed two new gun laws Wednesday, requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons to the police, and a local version of "Genna's Law," giving police the ability to administer a test for alcohol to anyone who is suspected of negligently firing a gun. The Council also called for a draft of a civil union ordinance.
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May 30, 2013, 4:38 pm
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Well, concerning the law pertaining to not reporting guns lost or stolen…I’m not sure how I feel about that particular law, however, I’m also a little confused by people who wouldn’t report their weapons lost or stolen. Granted, whenever you report something stolen, TPD’s response is usually something along the lines of “Yeah, well, sucks for you” and that’s the end of it. However, were my gun stolen, I would still report it. If someone goes on a shooting spree with the gun they stole from me, I don’t want that attached to me.

As to Genna’s Law, I don’t see it being anything more than a feel-good law. Negligent shooting is negligent shooting, regardless of whether or not the negligent shooter is intoxicated or not. I just can’t envision a scenario where the presence of alcohol would change whether or not someone was found negligent in a shooting situation.

The Civil Unions law…also a feel-good measure that is pretty much a waste of time and resources.

The proposal wouldn’t offer any rights bestowed to married couples under state law.

So, anything you do outside of that is already legal, and there are already means and resources to file contracts already in existence, regardless of not what sex you are, what sex they are, or even whether or not two said individuals are sexually or romantically involved. Right now, today, I could give Dylan Smith power of attorney over my estate and file that with the courts if I so choose. This is nothing more than a symbolic measure, one that I find a waste of time. It is only pandering to certain groups and antagonizing others. We would be best to just leave that one alone…but how often does this City Council do what’s best for us?

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