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New PCC chief: Accountability will put college back on track

Describing himself as "passionate about community colleges and the mission that we serve," the incoming chancellor of Pima Community College said Friday that a lack of accountability led to the troubles that PCC has faced in recent years.
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May 24, 2013, 4:08 pm
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Well, this guy talks the talk, can he walk the walk? Will he walk the walk?

He is absolutely right when he says that a lack of accountability is what got PCC in their current mess, I’ve been saying that since I was employed there and had realized that no one ever gets fired regardless of what they did or who they did it to.

I’ll be watching. I’ll see if anyone gets fired, and who they are, before passing judgement.

However, we still have a very big problem with four people Lambert has no control over…the Flores board. The fact that so many have asked them to resign, and they all have arrogantly refused, is really going to hurt-badly-PCC’s chances of getting off of probation.

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