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Pima College to pay new chancellor $290k

Lambert hired in unanimous vote

The new chancellor of Pima Community College, Lee Lambert, will be paid $290,000 per year. The Governing Board approved a 3-year-contract with the new college CEO on Friday morning, as it voted unanimously to hire him.

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May 17, 2013, 11:46 am
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The terms of that contract are absolutely insane, especially considering that misappropriation of funds are one of the many scandals PCC has been embroiled in as of late. I’m not saying the next chancellor should work for minimum wage, but considering the duties and the amount of actual “work” a chancellor has to do, I would say that cutting that package into half would be about right.

And, speaking of contracts, did the board learn nothing from Flores? A contract equates to a bullet-proof vest. Especially now, no one at PCC should be bullet proof, especially the chancellor. And 3 years? Considering that the Flores board has arrogantly, defiantly, and spitefully refused to resign, PCC isn’t going to make it off of probation, anyway. So, this Lambert guy will just end up being paid out the final year of this bloated contract for doing nothing because PCC will be gone.

Additionally, and I’ll echo a previous comment I made…this guy’s background in HR makes me very uncomfortable. The last thing PCC needs right now is another flavor of Char Fugett. HR people always keep everything a secret, always drag feet, always want to do counseling or some other crap to solve a situation rather than get to the root of the problem and eliminate it. That type of thinking is largely what got Pima into this mess, and it is the LAST thing they need right now. They need a chancellor who is going to swiftly, decisively, and transparently clean house to give PCC the reboot it so desperately needs.

Why does the BOG even have a public comment forum? The last four months have conclusively shown that they have zero interest in what the public feels, so why waste everyone’s time?

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