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Barber, Kelly clash on character in CD8 debate

The debate between Democrat Ron Barber, Republican Jesse Kelly and Green Party candidate Charlie Manolakis broadcast Wednesday night might as well have been pre-scripted, in addition to being pre-taped. But it would've made for a good drinking game.
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May 17, 2012, 7:55 am
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Barber should not be criticizing anyone anywhere about character issues…

He started this campaign pledging to be “civil”, and pledging not to sling mud. Well, all of his TV spots I’ve seen broke that pledge. “Jesse Kelly would say anything to get elected”. Does that sound civil to you?

Barber’s whole campaign is the same bullshit that Muffy Giffords used to win…twist and distort Kelly’s comments about Social Security, use it to scare the seniors (read: biggest and apparently most gullible voting block), and watch the ignorance-based votes roll in on election day. Why change a winning strategy, right?

And, should Barber or any of Giffords former staff really be throwing rocks about someone living in Texas? Really?

I was willing to give Barber a chance, and I did. But, the more this campaign progresses the more the man disgusts me.

May 24, 2012, 5:22 pm
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Jesse Kelly would say anything to get elected.  Haven’t you followed his campaigns as he struggles to “refine” his message?  He wants to be a federal level politician more than anything else. 

Yet, he has taken little effort to prepare himself for the position.  He has held no political office and does not actively participate in any civic oganization.  He was an E5 noncom in the military…a first level leader with no policy making responsibility in a highly structured socialist society and he was infantry, not a speciality requiring serious critical thinking skills. (I’m a veteran with more years of service and a higher pay grade, I can damn well can evaluate his DD214). 

I did not vote for President Obama because i did not believe he was seasoned enough for the job.  That has been true.  He still has difficulties grasping the greed and cravenness of the other national leaders.  He is dismissive of good ideas that are not his.  And he needs to be clearer in pointing out stupidity, avarice, and racism.

I’m voting for Ron Barber.  And may reconsider Jesse Kelly some day when he gets some relevant experience.  We can elect him to town council or treasurer of VFW or something to start.

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