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Feds may sue Arizona over immigration law

Holder: Civil rights could be violated by new law

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that the Justice Department is considering suing Arizona over its new immigration law.
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May 10, 2010, 2:51 am
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I think Mr. Holder is being less than Honest.( he’s in good company) It’s clear that President Obama does not want Immigration Reform touched untill after the November Elections for the sole purpose of NOT offending the Latino Community, thereby threatening the LOSS of what is perceived to be the Democratic Latino Vote.

It is painfully obvious that Mr Holder, as the US Attorney General is no more than a Puppet of the Obama Administration. Arizona has, requested the Federal Governments assistance in dealing with Rampant Crime in AZ as well as more support for sealing the AZ Border to stop the influx of Illegals, Drugs, and Drug Cartel Violence.

IN my opinion both Mr. Holder and Mr. obama should be charged with derelection of Duty for refusing to Assist Governor Brewer with enforcement of the Immigration Laws, a Federal Government responsibility. They both can be considered Traitors for their refusal to Honor their Oaths of Office to Support the Country against all enemys, Foreign or Domestic.

In their refusal to honor their Oaths of Office, they have become a “Domestic Enemy” and have Forced Governor Brewer to act in their absence. Their subsequent attacks on Governor Brewers actions to protect the Residents of the State of Arizona only serves to comfirm their status of “Domestic Enemy"of the State of Arizona.

Governor Brewer not only faces an Illegal entry fiasco, but also, by their own Statements, the Illegals involved have declared this to be an “OCCUPATION and Takeover” attempt on American Soil, an act of WAR in any other Nation in the World.

Impeachment proceedings are in order for both Holder and Obama.

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