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Sharpton to join Wednesday night immigration protest in Phoenix

The Rev. Al Sharpton will join actor Danny Glover, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Hispanic leaders Wednesday to protest Arizona's new immigration law.
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May 6, 2010, 2:41 pm
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I support the Arizona Immigration law. Please continue supporting this law as it is fair, and obviously is NOT based on racial profiling.  Please keep me in the loop should you require any citizen participation, as I will be happy to volunteer.  I will also remember your work on election day.
I took the time to read the law.  The only mention of race in the law, is the statement saying that an complaint will NOT be investigated soley on race, color, or national origin. 
The law actually deters racial profiling.  If the protestors would read the bill, then maybe they would be able to produce a valid argument against the bill. It is obvious to me that the protestors are basing their protests on ignorance, rather than facts.
I have a few friends that will actually now be vacationing in AZ, in support of the new law.
Thank you for continuing to stand up for what’s right for our state and country.

I am a high income earner, legal American who will boycott any entity that protests this new law.

— 30 —


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