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Calls for boycott not affecting Az border businesses

But travel advisory could be slowing Nogales sales

A call to boycott Arizona in the wake of its new immigration policy might not be practical, say border-area residents. But a travel advisory issued by the Mexican government might be slowing sales at Nogales businesses.
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May 3, 2010, 9:02 pm
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O noes, somebody’s enforcing the laws, get them in the FEMA camps quick! (LOL) Progressive’s will sure have egg on their face when the dust settles, and I’ll bet the Jewish people are less than thrilled with them now. So by all means let’s play boycott!

Ewwwheeeeee! I do loves me some Harper Valley PTA games! First the California hypocrites (remember don’t boycott us over gay marriage?), then children of the Colorado homephobes, those para-military whacko’s in Idaho, and now the state that’s tainted two elections starts wagging it’s finger…..soooooo much fun! Since a small few from each state are speaking up to represent everyone in it as they shake their hypocrite fingers at the citizens of Arizona, I’m striking back! *giggles* Anyone boycotting Arizona (or encouraging it) gets put on my lifelong boycott against b.s. list, say hello to Colorado and Jane Fonda, longtime veterans of my boycott (LOL) Oh, and California, it’s awwwwwwwn! Coachella Festival’s been one hot mess for years, your wines aren’t that good, and I’m sooooooo sick of the yearly pilgrimage to Gay Pride.

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