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Ending Cherrybell mail sorting could cost S. Az millions

Over the past three years, the Postal Service has begun shifting the processing of mail from Tucson to Phoenix. Residents are starting to realize the impact it's having on the city. The agency had planned to close down the processing center on Jan. 5, but officials delayed the move until July 11.

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May 1, 2015, 4:25 pm
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Look, I totally get the USPS is getting smaller. As this piece states, people in general are less and less dependent on snail mail, and some sort of shoring up operations is in order. I understand that. And, I can get on board with closing the Cherrybell processing facility…if the USPS can give an explanation that fits the facts and makes sense. So far, they haven’t done that to my satisfaction.

The same amount of mail is going to take the same amount of man hours to sort no matter where you do it. Since the USPS is adamant that no jobs will be lost in this “consolidation”, then what’s the difference where these man hours are deployed? The USPS says they’re not outright closing the Cherrybell facility. So, since they have the building and the square footage of workspace, anyway, what’s the difference if they use the space available here or in Phoenix?

The only difference I can see is added transportation costs to take the mail to Phoenix to be sorted, and then back here to be delivered. And, that would ADD an expense, not subtract one. This would also add time, something that the USPS should not be doing if they are looking to survive. Adding time to deliveries is not exactly a great way to get people to use your service rather than that of your competitors.

May 1, 2015, 7:55 pm
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Anyone who trusts Martha McSleazy on this issue should have their head examined. it is HER party that pushed the idiotic law requiring prefunding of pensions 75 yrs into the future. Time to send her packing in 2016

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