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Tucson group cultivating civility at state capitols

More than 200 state legislators have participated in workshops aimed at improving civil discourse and building bipartisan trust.

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Apr 28, 2015, 11:42 am
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I hate this. I absolutely hate this. The founding of the whatever this is the wake of the Loughner shootings heavily implies that less-than-civil discourse in politics had anything to do with Loughner’s motivations that horrible day, and I think that is a VERY dangerous message to send in so many ways.

I am not an expert historian. But, I can not imagine that there ever existed a time in our nation’s history when so many different people tried to bully to many other different people into following “rules” as to what they can and can not say. This is shameful. I personally believe it is the single worst part of the information age. Everyone has been given a voice, and far too many of those people are using their voice to bully others who don’t agree with them.

Let politicians or anyone else say whatever they want, however they want. I am perfectly capable of deciding all by myself whether or not I find the speech or the message acceptable, and I neither need nor want any assistance from anyone in making such judgments. If someone says something that I don’t like, then I’ll tune them out, or I won’t vote for them, or I won’t shop at their stores, or whatever.

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