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251 arrested in outstanding warrants sweep

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said that officers in the county averaged 45 arrests per day during the operation thanks to cooperation among offices and jurisdictions.
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Apr 24, 2012, 10:16 am
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Here we go again. Violent offenders I understand. But how come no justice for the people with all the corruption in our states ranks. The lobbying from banks and universities to our politicians so wages stay low and prices rise. This is a true crime to people. Saying you prevented more crimes is just ridiculous, if they were prevented then why were they on the streets. And they needed to use national crime victims week for this?????How about doing it ALL the time instead of grabbing the limelight with “acclaimed” weeks as this? Now what? Are we supposed to think all the problems in Arizona judicial system and law enforcement are gone? Pat them on the back? For what, doing their job? Come on people.

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