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Al Melvin to run for governor

Arizona hasn't had a governor from south of the Gila since Raul Castro in the mid-1970s. Three-term Republican Sen. Al Melvin of Saddlebrooke thinks he can change that, although the GOP primary field is already crowded.
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Apr 23, 2013, 11:04 am
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Considering everything that goes on in Southern Arizona, who gets elected, who doesn’t get elected, what tax dollars are spent on, what they’re not spent on…in the mix of all of that, I’m not sure how a nuclear waste dump would qualify as controversial. In my mind, that’s no worse than Grijalva or Dupnik holding office, so what the hell.

If Melvin does declare himself a candidate, I will do what far too few people around here do…I will research the man and the issues he campaigns on, and I will vote or not vote for him based on those criteria and not on party affiliation or skin color.

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