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Pima names 4 finalists for permanent chancellor

Faculty, staff calling for search delay, want Board resignations

Pima Community College announced the selection of four chancellor finalists Saturday as the school seeks to pick a permanent leader by July. Pima has been without a permanent CEO for over a year, and the school was placed on probation by accreditors last week.
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Apr 20, 2013, 7:52 pm
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I gotta agree with Faculty Senate, especially when they pointed out that the same board members who appointed Flores should not be picking the next Chancellor.

The only way that I can see PCC getting off of probation is for the “Flores board” to resign, the replacements pick the next Chancellor, and that next Chancellor take out the rest of the trash such as Suzanne Miles, Char Fugett, Doreen Armstrong, Cindy Dooling, etc etc.

I get that the Flores Board and the rest of the trash are trying to survive. But, if PCC doesn’t get off of probation, they (along with everyone else there) are just going to be out of a job in two years anyway. PCC employs something like 1500 people. When it shuts down, all those laid off people are going to have to compete with 1500 others in a very limited job market (unless they leave town).

Going down the path they’ve chosen, and apparently being unwilling to alter said path…I really don’t see how they’re going to successfully emerge from the HLC’s probation. That’s not the disgruntled ex-employee in me talking, that’s the me that looks at this logically from the outside, knowing more than most.

Look at it another way…pretend you’re the HLC for a moment. You just put PCC on probation. You know that there is an overwhelming call for the Flores Board to resign, even from every single employee ground inside of PCC. Not one of them does. Just on that one fact along, would you recommend the HLC take them off of probation?

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